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Title: The Move
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: PG (this bit)
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter.
Word Count: 1340
Genre: Gen for now.
Warnings: None.
A/N: Written for [ profile] adventdrabbles' prompts #21 - 25: A Snowless Christmas, Christmas Bunny,
Wrapped Presents/War Orphan Gifts, Ugly Christmas Sweater, and Warm Woolen Mittens.
Yes, I'm trying to clean up the last of my holiday prompts. OCD tendencies? What OCD tendencies? :P
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.


The Move


“Looks brilliant,” said Harry, handing the brochure depicting a sandy, tropical beach and blue ocean back to Hermione. “But are you sure you can stand a Christmas without snow?”

Hermione smiled. “I think we’ll manage.”

“I bet.” Harry grinned. “When do you leave?”

Hermione and Ron exchanged a look. “We were going to go over the weekend,” she said. “But now—”

“What?” Harry asked. “Don’t tell me you’re postponing the trip. You’ve been planning this for months!”

“We thought you might need us, mate,” chimed in Ron. “What with…the stuff that’s happening.”

Harry sighed. “I’m fine. Nothing’s happening.”

Hermione raised an eyebrow. “Snape moving in with you is nothing?”

Harry blinked. “It’s no big deal. I told you, Pomfrey told him he was fit to leave the Hogwarts infirmary, and he had no place to go since Spinner’s End is still being examined by the DMLE for clues, and the Hogwarts board of governors hasn’t decided his fate, so he couldn’t stay there. I wasn’t about to let him sleep on the street!”

“I’d have let him fend for himself,” Ron muttered.

“No one’s saying that,” Hermione said over Ron. “Just…are you sure you don’t have an ulterior motive?”

“Like what?”

“Like your crush on the Half-Blood Prince,” Ron burst out. “You do realise Snape’s not the same bloke anymore, right?”

“Of course!” Harry huffed. “And I’m past all that. Really, you two worry too much. Everything will be fine. He’s only going to be here for a little while until he gets back on his feet. I’ll be fine.”

“Mmhm.” Hermione sighed. “All right. If you’re sure, we won’t change our reservations.”

“Good.” Harry smiled. “Because I want a report on all the fun things you end up doing.” When Hermione blushed, and Ron coughed, he rolled his eyes. “Not anything private! Merlin! Just…all the touristy stuff. Like touring ruins and going snorkelling, and—”

“Of course,” said Hermione. “We’ll take lots of pictures.”

“Perfect.” Harry gestured towards the teapot. “More tea?”

“No, we should be going,” said Hermione, standing up and pulling Ron with her. “We haven’t even started packing yet. And there’s a lot to do before we leave—”

Ron’s eyes widened and Harry bit back a laugh as he mouthed ‘Help!’

“Good luck,” Harry called after them. Once alone, he set his elbows on the table and sighed. Despite what he’d told them, he had some misgivings about living with Snape, not the least of which because he’d lied. He still had feelings for the man. He rested his head on the table and groaned. Trust him to fall for a straight bloke, and not just any straight bloke but the one who’d been in love with his mother!

“Harry Potter is ill?”

Wincing, Harry sat up. Kreacher was standing there, looking at him, a disturbingly gleeful look in his eyes.

“No,” Harry said, pushing away from the table. “Im fine.”

Kreacher bowed and shuffled away.

“And no need to look so excited about the prospect of my illness,” Harry muttered after him. Shaking his head, Harry set the tea things to cleaning with a flick of his hand. Then, squaring his shoulders, he went upstairs to make sure everything was ready for Snape. He’d be arriving soon.


Snape looked around. After a moment, he nodded. “Entirely satisfactory,” he said.

Harry relaxed. “Great. Um, do you need help unpacking?”

“I believe I’m capable of doing that on my own,” Snape said, tone dry.

“Right,” Harry said. “Of course.” He backed towards the door. “I’ll just be downstairs, then. If you, you know, need me.”

“I’m not an invalid, Potter.”

“I know,” Harry said quietly. “But you did just get out of the infirmary. So if you need help, I’m here.”

Snape hesitated, then nodded. “Noted. But I doubt I shall require any.”

Harry smiled. “Oh, I’m making stew for dinner if you’re interested. It should be ready in a couple of hours.”

“Noted,” said Snape, already unshrinking boxes.

Harry lingered by the door. “Um, would you like—?”

Just then, Kreacher appeared at the top of the stairs. “Visitor for Harry Potter.”

Harry blinked. “Who is it?”

“Whoever it is, you should greet them,” said Snape. “I’m perfectly fine here.”

Snape sounded exasperated. “Right. I’ll leave you to it, then.” Closing the door, Harry sighed, then shrugged. If Snape needed his help, he’d call.

When he got downstairs, Harry found the visitor in the living room. They were facing the fireplace, staring up at the wall above it, but their long blonde hair gave away their identity immediately. “Hey, Luna,” he said.

“Oh, hello, Harry,” she said, turning to face him.

Harry’s eyes widened, taking in her jumper, which had to be the ugliest he’d ever seen. It was red, with the flesh coloured face of a reindeer covering her right breast. It had tinsel and glitter and pompoms and it made Harry cringe. In her arms, Luna was carrying a white bunny that wore a Santa hat on its head. “Hey, Luna. What’s…going on? What have you been up to?”

“Oh, I’ve been wrapping donated gifts for the war orphans with Cho.” Luna moved towards him. “I thought I’d stop by and see if you had anything you wanted to donate to the cause.”

“Um, like money, you mean?” Harry couldn’t imagine she wanted any of the objects from this house. “I’m not sure any of the things in here are suitable for kids—”

“Money would be lovely.” Luna tilted her head. “Are you all right? You seem to have a lot more Wrackspurts than usual.”

Harry smiled. “I’m fine. It’s just…Snape moves in today, so I was upstairs trying to make sure everything was all ready for him.”

She nodded. “I’m glad he’s staying with you,” she said. “He needs somewhere to be himself, where he can be accepted and loved.”

Loved? Harry felt himself flush. “Right, not sure about that last bit,” he said. “Anyway, I’m happy to donate to the cause. Should I make out a Gringotts parchment to you?”

“Not to me personally, but to the Quibbler War Orphans Fund.” Luna smiled. “And I’m sure. The professor needs love, and this is where he’ll find it.”

Harry didn’t reply. Arguing with Luna was even more useless than arguing with Hermione. Instead, he walked over to the desk and, picking up a quill and some parchment, made out a statement for a generous donation.

When he handed it to her, Luna blinked. “Thank you, Harry. That’s very nice.”

“No problem, Luna.” Harry smiled at her. “Would you like a cup of tea?”

“Oh no. I have other stops to make tonight.” Leaning up, she kissed his cheek, whispering, “You’ll thank me for this later.”

Harry frowned. “Wha—”

“Excuse me for interrupting,” came a voice, and, turning, Harry saw Snape standing at the door, scowling at them. “Ms Lovegood.”

“Hello, Professor.” Luna patted the head of her bunny. “Well, I should be going. Thanks again for your donation, Harry.”

“Sure, Luna,” Harry said, watching her Floo away.

“Perhaps we should work out a signal,” said Snape, once she had left.

Harry raised an eyebrow. “For what?”

“For when either of us are entertaining…guests.” Snape crossed his arms over his chest. “I realise you are a young man with an active social life, so I shall endeavour not to interrupt.”

“Oh! No, you weren’t interrupting anything,” Harry said. “We’re just friends.”

“Ah.” Did Snape look relieved? “Well, in any event, you’ll want to entertain at some point, no doubt, so we should work out a signal.”

“What, like hanging a red mitten on the door or something?” Harry asked. “That’s what we used to do in Gryffindor when one of us was…busy.”

“Yes,” Snape said. “Like that.”

“Okay,” said Harry. “But I doubt I’ll ever need to do that.”

“One never knows, Potter.” Snape stepped back. “Now, I believe you said something about stew?”

“Yes, it’s probably about ready.” Harry gestured towards the kitchen. “Shall we?”


Continued in Part II (LJ/IJ/DW)

Date: 2017-01-05 04:24 pm (UTC)
mrs_sweetpeach: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mrs_sweetpeach
Read this yesterday and again this morning. Great both times although to be honest I was hoping this was part 2 when I clicked the link. :-)

Date: 2017-01-06 01:41 pm (UTC)
teryarel: (Default)
From: [personal profile] teryarel
Oh, I just love Luna. :)
I'm surprised that Severus agreed to that signal, though. A red mitten. A red one? Red? The exact signal that was used by Gryyfindor teens? In Gryffindor tower? When they did Gryffindor things??

And a multi-chapter fic, yay! ^^ Can't wait to read more. Thank you, dear alisanne!

Date: 2017-01-08 11:34 pm (UTC)
tehomet: (Benedict Cumberbatch oh crumpets!)
From: [personal profile] tehomet
Yum yum yum. :)

The interaction with Kreacher made me smile, and I love Luna regardless, but the bunny in the Santa hat and the very-obviously-done-to-be-observed-by-Snape peck on Harry's cheek were perfection in overdressed seasonal rabbit and clever scheming forms.

Thank you.


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