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And here's my thought for the day )
Have a great week, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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Here's hoping we all have a fabulous week! Love always trumps hate. <3
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Have an amazing Sunday, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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May we all have a fabulous Sunday, and a great week! Love trumps hate. <3
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Here's what happens when anyone criticizes my HP obsession )
Happy Sunday, all! And remember, spread love, not hate. <3
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The (de)evolution of the GOP )
Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! Spread love, not Trump hate. <3
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And this is why I pay more attention to Fandom than the 'real world' atm... )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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And, speaking of, I'm convinced Canada's just trolling us now... )
Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! <3
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Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! <3
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Have a fabulous week, everyone! And remember, choose love, not Trump. <3
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Also, here's my new favorite gif. *g*
This can't happen often enough for me )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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Right, now I'm off to church to pray I wake up in the correct universe where Trump isn't president. Have a fabulous Sunday, all, and remember, love trumps hate. <3
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Have a fantastic week, all! <3
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LOVE absolutely beats TRUMP hands down. <3
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And here's how I get when I'm...preoccupied. *g*
Read more... )

Yep, LOVE still beats TRUMPS. *g*
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And, since I have a fantasy of what the world would be like if Justin was our president
*sigh* )

I think I'm going to start saying LOVE beats TRUMPS. Heh.
Have a great week, everyone!
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Have a fabulous week, everyone!
Also, as I'm trying to remind myself daily, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And this week, TWO cartoons sum up my mood.

Read more... )

Also remember, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. Always. <3
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  • Remember our discussion about cats being evils last week? Well, here's another post that suggests this is true, cats stealing dogs beds. *g*

  • Cool water art is cool!

  • Did you know horses have mustaches? Yeah, me either!

  • So you have no doubt all heard about the Pepsi ad debacle. Well, see what happens when an actual protestor tries it. Hint: it doesn't end well.

  • Ford Motor company may have stumbled onto something. You know how babies always seem to fall asleep in the car? Well, they made this crib that simulates a car ride for an auction! Apparently, there has been such a great response, they're thinking about actually selling them.

  • Two words! Goat Parkour. So cool!

  • By now EVERYONE has heard about the United Airline debacle, but this is by far my favorite response. How to defend yourself from United Airlines. *giggles*

  • More rejected ads. It makes me wonder, who comes up with this stuff?

  • On the other hand, here's the coolest insurance ad I think I've ever seen.

  • I got 100% on this city quiz, but, alas, only 82% on this classic literature quiz. See how you do!

  • Harry Potter fan theories always intrigue me.

  • Apparently there's a bill that would fine men for masturbating. Welcome to our world. :P

  • Here was an interesting quiz I took. Can you speak American? Clearly it's mean for British people, but I took it and had to sort of translate the question, too... It was fun! Oh, and I got 95%. ;)

  • This person, having no idea what a Furry Con was, took her dog figuring she could meet more dog people. And I guess she kinda she did!

  • I'm already in awe of people who can do parkour, so I find this parkour puppy even more incredible!

  • And finally, are you planning a fan con? Here are some fun venues to consider! Someone needs to plan an HP con in one of those places, I'd totally go. *g*

And here's my summary of the week:
 photo tumblr_oo8x83ge7q1tpri36o1_400_zps9jxlndz5.jpg

Never forget, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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Also, here's how I felt this week, given how close we are to WWIII... )
And again, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3


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