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Have a fabulous week, everyone! And remember, choose love, not Trump. <3
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Also, here's my new favorite gif. *g*
This can't happen often enough for me )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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Right, now I'm off to church to pray I wake up in the correct universe where Trump isn't president. Have a fabulous Sunday, all, and remember, love trumps hate. <3
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Have a fantastic week, all! <3
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LOVE absolutely beats TRUMP hands down. <3
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And here's how I get when I'm...preoccupied. *g*
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Yep, LOVE still beats TRUMPS. *g*
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And, since I have a fantasy of what the world would be like if Justin was our president
*sigh* )

I think I'm going to start saying LOVE beats TRUMPS. Heh.
Have a great week, everyone!
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Have a fabulous week, everyone!
Also, as I'm trying to remind myself daily, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And this week, TWO cartoons sum up my mood.

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Also remember, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. Always. <3
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  • Remember our discussion about cats being evils last week? Well, here's another post that suggests this is true, cats stealing dogs beds. *g*

  • Cool water art is cool!

  • Did you know horses have mustaches? Yeah, me either!

  • So you have no doubt all heard about the Pepsi ad debacle. Well, see what happens when an actual protestor tries it. Hint: it doesn't end well.

  • Ford Motor company may have stumbled onto something. You know how babies always seem to fall asleep in the car? Well, they made this crib that simulates a car ride for an auction! Apparently, there has been such a great response, they're thinking about actually selling them.

  • Two words! Goat Parkour. So cool!

  • By now EVERYONE has heard about the United Airline debacle, but this is by far my favorite response. How to defend yourself from United Airlines. *giggles*

  • More rejected ads. It makes me wonder, who comes up with this stuff?

  • On the other hand, here's the coolest insurance ad I think I've ever seen.

  • I got 100% on this city quiz, but, alas, only 82% on this classic literature quiz. See how you do!

  • Harry Potter fan theories always intrigue me.

  • Apparently there's a bill that would fine men for masturbating. Welcome to our world. :P

  • Here was an interesting quiz I took. Can you speak American? Clearly it's mean for British people, but I took it and had to sort of translate the question, too... It was fun! Oh, and I got 95%. ;)

  • This person, having no idea what a Furry Con was, took her dog figuring she could meet more dog people. And I guess she kinda she did!

  • I'm already in awe of people who can do parkour, so I find this parkour puppy even more incredible!

  • And finally, are you planning a fan con? Here are some fun venues to consider! Someone needs to plan an HP con in one of those places, I'd totally go. *g*

And here's my summary of the week:
 photo tumblr_oo8x83ge7q1tpri36o1_400_zps9jxlndz5.jpg

Never forget, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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Also, here's how I felt this week, given how close we are to WWIII... )
And again, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And always remember! LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And, since we're all fans, I thought we'd all appreciate this )

And remember! LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And, this picture made me laugh, so I'm sharing
Snape gets political )

Never forget! LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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  • Check out this list of each state's favorite gross foods! Although I am totally down with having dumplings in Delaware. And the butter burger doesn't sound bad either. Trust me, though, having lived in Pa, NEVER eat scrapple. Just...don't. :/

  • What happens when James Cordon and Owen Wilson race Usain Bolt? Well, it's pretty predictable (lightning bolt, FTW!), but still hilarious to watch. *g*

  • Why facts don't change our minds is a thought provoking New Yorker article which may explain how we've ended up in what I am convinced is the darkest time line. :P

  • I'm not sure how it works, but this pointer locator is kinda creepy. :P

  • I've always considered Gary Oldman to the chameleon actor of our time, but apparently, it's actually Tilda Swinton. Who knew?

  • Fabulous sculptures are fabulous.

  • Famous authors summed up in a sentence.

  • Looking to celebrate your birthday a little differently this year? Maybe get a meat cake. Oh, Japan. *shakes head* Although I'd prolly love a bacon cake. :)

  • Amazing Harry Potter tattoo is amazing!

  • Cooking disasters are disastrous!

  • So I've always known pineapples are trying to kill us, and here's more proof! Eeek!

  • People on twitter rewrite Goodnight Moon.

  • Okay, so I've always thought kids were a little creepy anyway (sorry :P) so this vid about Happy Dreams Day Care did not really reassure me.

  • I don't watch The Man In Highcastle, although I hear it's good. Interestingly, it seems Trump supporters are so paranoid that even the show's advertising is enough to get their hackles up. Yet we're supposed to believe they're NOT Nazi supporters? Uh huh.

  • Why is feminism important? These Australian students get it.

  • This Hungarian baker creates cookies that look like embroidery. Gorgeous!

  • Want to throw a party for St Patrick's Day? Here's an idea. Rent an inflatable Irish pub!

  • And finally, I've seen tough races before, but this one takes the cake! I can't even make breakfast in under 3 minutes. :P

And remember, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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  • Generally, I'm not a fan of camping. Champing, however, I could get behind. *g*

  • Need a reason to love Canada (other than because their Prime Minister is awesome)? Here you go.

  • According to this article we're all been using certain household items wrong. Who knew?

  • Sometimes 'vicious' dogs aren't actually vicious. Or even dogs. *g*

  • Adorable animal cartoons are adorable.

  • And now on to the less adorable. Apparently Germany has this biting satirical parade in which they make fun of political figures. Guess who they featured this year.

  • Looking for a new house? You could consider renovating an abandoned cement factory. So cool!

  • I scored 90% on this quiz about identifying influential women. See how you do!

  • And while we're on quizzes, try this timed Harry Potter quiz. I got 18/20, but the clock messes with you. ;) Also, there's this Harry Potter Patronus Quiz which made me think a bit. *g*

  • Wanna get hipsters to buy your junk food? Just repackage it! NGL, those Twinkies look fine. *g*

  • When men cook it can get dangerous. ;)

  • While I don't play video games, I can still appreciate the cleverness of this spoof on Planet Earth. *g* This 'David Attenborough' was pretty good!

  • Artists paints realistic animal figures on stones! Amazing. <3

  • [ profile] kieraplease is someone on my Tumblr feed who did this awesome thing for Black History Month. 28 days of black cosplay! So fabulous. :)

  • There are horrible food combinations, and then there's this list which I think is an abomination. Ugh. Although I admit, I'd totally eat chocolate covered bacon. ;)

  • Here' a guy who knows what's up. You know those over the top romance book covers? He duplicates them and it's ridiculous and awesome.

  • This dad tweets his conversations with his daughters and they are hilarious.

  • Tiny paintings may be small, but they's also pretty damn cool! And, along the same lines, small robot necklaces are adorable!

  • And finally, I think everyone familiar with me knows how I hate roller coasters and the like. Here's a park with rides I could enjoy, though. Steampunk theme park.

I found this cartoon a few weeks back, and it made me laugh, so I'm sharing )

Have a great week! Remember, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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And I'm sharing this just because it makes me smile, and I need all the smiles I can get these days.
Nerdy PM is nerdy and swesome! )
Think anyone would have noticed if we'd kept him and send DT back in his place?
*wistful smile*

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  • In the market for a house? You could consider this one, although do realize it's the Amityville Horror House.

  • And, in this, week 4 of Trump's America, we have a Department of Education that can't spell. *sigh*

  • On the positive side of things, however, Bruce Springsteen is a good egg. Here's proof. :)

  • Bejeweled and embroidered dragons are bedazzling!

  • I'm torn. On one hand...puppies! On the other, is it good to bring back Pleistocene puppies? Are they even what we think of as puppies?

  • Want a professional opinion about fancy cocktails? How about consulting Stone Cold Steve Austin?

  • Here's an unlikely, if adorable, interspecies friendship. So sweet! <3

  • I just discovered this advice column. Bad advice is hilariously sarcastic.

  • Famous heroes that are actually jerks. I liked #17.

  • If I ever have to appear before a judge, I'm hoping it's one like this guy. ;)

  • I took this quiz about famous male film stars of yore. I got 89%. How about you?

  • And finally, if any of you end up being unfortunate enough to meet the current president, here's a video on how to block his handshake. It's YUGE! *g*

That's all this week.
Is it too much to hope for a week where I don't feel under siege by my own government? *shakes head* Evidently.
Anyway, remember the mantra, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3
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Also, here's a terrifyingly accurate picture )

Yes, the news has been scary, but we're all still here. Fingers crossed we're not at war by next week. *exhales*
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Another week of Washington madness, followed by another weekend of protests. Apparently this is the new norm? *sigh*
I hope you're all okay. I'm...managing. The rage is sort of contained.
Just remember, LOVE TRUMPS HATE. <3


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