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And here's my thought for the day )
Have a great week, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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Here's hoping we all have a fabulous week! Love always trumps hate. <3
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Holiday fest season is coming and I need to organize my thoughts, plan out what I'm doing, etc.
Here's what I'm thinking:
Thinky thoughts about upcoming holiday fests )
Therefore, here's my list of fall and holiday fests in which I will likely will participate (assuming they are running this year).
What will I be doing in November/December? )
So really, December will still be crazy. Maybe everything worked out for the best in the end?
Yeah, I'm going with that. :P
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Have an amazing Sunday, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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May we all have a fabulous Sunday, and a great week! Love trumps hate. <3
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Here's what happens when anyone criticizes my HP obsession )
Happy Sunday, all! And remember, spread love, not hate. <3
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You guys!
So I signed up to receive Harry Potter Lootcrates, and the first one arrived today!

Clicky to see mah loot! Thank you, Aquascum for technical assistance! )
Anyway, all in all, I liked the loot. I'll let you know how it goes. :)
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As many of you know, I've been participating in [ profile] daily_deviant since 2007. And, with the exception of the year of cancer, I haven't missed many months.
So I thought I'd compile some wacky statistics and see how that all has shaken out so far.

For me, the big draw of DD is to be able to write pairings and kinks I normally wouldn't. Things like The Fat Lady/Molly Weasley, or Wormtail wanking while in rat form (LMAO). And yes, I even managed copraphagy (scat) once.

Anyway, I figured I'd do some calculations and see just how much I rely on my OTP for DD.
And since I consider Harry/Draco my secondary OTP, I figured I'd throw them into the calculation, too. ;)

Out of 113 total posts, I have written 23 Snarry fics, 9 Harry/Draco, and 4 Drapery. Which means about 20% of the time I write my OTP, H/D is 7%, and Drapery is 3%. That puts me at around 30% overall.
And, considering I often write my OTP for DD when desperate (I call it committing emergency Snarry *g*), that's not too bad, IMO.
FYI, I left out fics with background Snarry (where they are just mentioned as couple, but not the focus of the story).

Writing 70% 'other stuff' counts as being adventurous as far as I'm concerned. *g*

Right, how about you guys?
Especially those of you in DD, let's see your stats. I'm curious!
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The (de)evolution of the GOP )
Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! Spread love, not Trump hate. <3
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And this is why I pay more attention to Fandom than the 'real world' atm... )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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And, speaking of, I'm convinced Canada's just trolling us now... )
Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! <3
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 photo Harry-Potter-Birthday_zpsjya3n0ce.jpg

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Books.
You'll be with me ALWAYS.
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Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! <3

You guys!

Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:58 pm
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So normally I'd save this for my weekly Random Post of Random™, but I wanted to talk about it sooner.

Apparently, there's more than one Harry Potter!

So I know I've said JKR should STFU about my favorite world, but I have to admit, I would read the shit out of any stories about Harry's great grandfather Henry (Harry) Potter.

And if they include it in the FB franchise? Hells, yeah.

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Have a fabulous week, everyone! And remember, choose love, not Trump. <3
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Also, here's my new favorite gif. *g*
This can't happen often enough for me )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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Right, now I'm off to church to pray I wake up in the correct universe where Trump isn't president. Have a fabulous Sunday, all, and remember, love trumps hate. <3
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Have a fantastic week, all! <3
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LOVE absolutely beats TRUMP hands down. <3
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And here's how I get when I'm...preoccupied. *g*
Read more... )

Yep, LOVE still beats TRUMPS. *g*


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