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Happy Sunday, everyone! May we all have a great week.
And remember, love trumps hate. <3
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I'm a couple days late this week, sorry!

And this sums up how I'm feeling these days )
Happy Tuesday, everyone! Remember, love trumps hate. <3
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Have a great week, everyone, and to those who are on off for labor day tomorrow, congratulations! ♥
Remember, love trumps hate. <3
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Have an awesome rest of the weekend and a fabulous week, everyone! Remember, love trumps hate. <3
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And here's my thought for the day )
Have a great week, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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Here's hoping we all have a fabulous week! Love always trumps hate. <3
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Have an amazing Sunday, everyone! Love trumps hate. <3
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And this is why I pay more attention to Fandom than the 'real world' atm... )
Have a fabulous week, everyone! <3
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And, speaking of, I'm convinced Canada's just trolling us now... )
Have a fabulous Sunday, everyone! <3
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I saw this over on Tumblr and thought some of you guys might find it useful.
In fact, I've been on DW for years and I'm even finding it handy. How to move to Dreamwidth and like it.

Also, there was this article talking about the LJ TOS which I found scary interesting.

Do I think Russia is spying on me? Prolly not.
Of course, if you'd asked me 6 months ago if Russia could influence our election, I'd have said no then, too... :P
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Not to panic anyone, but [personal profile] dreamy_dragon73 brought this post to my attention, and reading it makes me concerned that the LJ TOS is more far reaching than any of us imagined. I'm especially perturbed by the bit talking about them being authorized to modify/add images/amend content without notification. :/
Given that possibility, I'm contemplating no longer xposting my stuff to LJ at all. *sigh*
Any thoughts?
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Since we're all (justifiably, IMO) freaked out about LJ's new TOS, this is just a reminder to all who may care that I am Alisanne just about everywhere, and welcome friend requests/subscriptions anywhere.

Find me on:
IJ: [ profile] alisanne
DW: [personal profile] alisanne
AO3: [ profile] alisanne
Tumblr: [ profile] alis-anne
Twitter: [ profile] alisanne

I have no plans to go anywhere, but apparently they are deleting journals already, so all bets are off. :/
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...but I'm not. I mean, I am *eyes overdue Erised fic* but I'm not, because I keep stopping to think about how I live in a country with a POS man as president, and how people now think it's open season on me because of my color, and on my friends because of who they love, or who they ARE, and I start to get pissed off again.
I meant to catch up on writing drabbles, like [community profile] snarry100, for which I will put up a new prompt later, and [community profile] hogwarts365, which is due tomorrow, but I am not feeling it right now.
All I feel is depressed and bitter and pissed off.
And to the people at work who tried to tell me how just because they voted for Trump it doesn't make them racist? Fuck you!
I had to GTFO before I did or said something bad. I have to work with these people for at least 2 more years. After that? All bets are off.
HOW did this happen? WTF? I just... *exhales*

How do I feel?
Michelle Wolf says it perfectly:

(Link here if the embed doesn't work.)
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I have no words this morning.

Just...WTF, America? WTAF?


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