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Guess what!
[ profile] lewil_g22 has translated my H/D story Party Plot into Chinese!

If you'd like to check it out you can read it here: 宴会的阴谋, although it's locked, so they sent me the whole translation, which you can see below. *g*
See what you think!
Party Plot in Chinese! )
So yeah, I have no idea either, but it's pretty! <3
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You guys! *feels loved*

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! I feel so special. <3

*smooches [ profile] tootiredtosleep, [ profile] minuial_nuwing, [personal profile] torino10154, [personal profile] shadowycat, [ profile] cordeliadelayne, [ profile] draycevixen, [ profile] kikimay, [ profile] brumeier, [ profile] divertazsc, [ profile] kellychambliss, and [ profile] lijahlover for the festive journal posts* ♥

*huggles [ profile] brumeier for my Snarry manip art* ♥

*twirls [personal profile] lilyseyes and [personal profile] digthewriter for the birthday cards* ♥

*snuggles [ profile] sassy_cissa, [personal profile] torino10154, and [personal profile] lilyseyes for the YIM messages* ♥

*glomps [personal profile] adafrog, [ profile] red_day_dawning, [ profile] vengeance_on_ice, [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] orlando_switch, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] ely_baby, [personal profile] nia_kantorka, [personal profile] lq_traintracks, [personal profile] lightofdaye, [personal profile] sdk, [ profile] thegrimmscully, [ profile] zeitgeistic, [ profile] timetiger, [ profile] enablelove, [personal profile] fantasyfiend09, and [ profile] writcraft for the delightful private messages* ♥

*nuzzles [ profile] sevfan and Melisande for the emails*

*sends virtual chocolates to [ profile] mywitch and [profile] lilyeseyes for my HP themed pressies* ♥

*tosses confetti over [personal profile] enchanted_jae for completing my half-birthday, half-drabble* It's called Alternative News 2 and it's adorable!
If you're interested in the history behind our yearly half drabble thing, you can see what happened in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

In addition, thank you to everyone who commented to with me a happy birthday. *smooches*
If I somehow missed anyone's post, slap me and send me a link, okay? I tried to go back and double check, but it's entirely possible I didn't see everything. ♥

Thanks so much, everyone! *loves*
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Many of you may have missed this, but the lovely [community profile] snape_potter mods hosted a festlette *g* throughout July to celebrate Harry's birthday.
It was called The Harry's Birthday Challenge and its masterlist is now up, so do go check it out!

Anyway, I wrote something (now how could I not celebrate my OTP?).
It's called Through the Years, and you can read it at SP (LJ/IJ/DW), or if you wait a few, I'll be reposting it.

Happy Birthday, Harry! We love you! (Although Severus wants it known he cares for you more than anyone.) <3
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So the reveals for the last round of FWF (the 20th Anniversary Edition) are up, and I ~won 'Least Coherent' entry. Trust me, this was not a surprise. *g*

I wrote bravery, which stars Harry and Draco (or, as I renamed them, Jarry and Seaoc) and which you can read in all its drunken glory as is, or you can wait for me to clean it up a bit and repost (although honestly, I may just post a translation key at the end and call it good *giggles*).

The mods, who are the always delightful [personal profile] sdk and [personal profile] torino10154, provided a fabulous atmosphere for drunken revelry, and even gave us these awesome banners!

I shall repost soon!
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You guys!
So I signed up to receive Harry Potter Lootcrates, and the first one arrived today!

Clicky to see mah loot! Thank you, Aquascum for technical assistance! )
Anyway, all in all, I liked the loot. I'll let you know how it goes. :)
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Happy Birthday to my dearest [personal profile] lilyseyes!

Many happy returns! ♥
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OMG, [personal profile] alafaye! You are fabulous!
Thank you so much for the gifty envelope!

You guys, I returned from Misti to find this in my mailbox.
awesome pressies under the cut )

I have the best Flist in the world! *hugs and glomps [personal profile] alafaye*



May. 13th, 2017 05:08 pm
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So I'm totally copying this from [personal profile] gelsey since it's a good idea. :)

Who's going to Misticon?
Here's who I know so far is going:

[personal profile] celandineb
[personal profile] nuclearpolymer
[personal profile] tjs_whatnot
[personal profile] drinkingcocoa (Plus Geeklet and Niffler! *g*)
[personal profile] digthewriter
[personal profile] fantasyfiend09
[profile] arynwy
[personal profile] bicrim
[personal profile] gelsey (of course)
[ profile] bonsaibetz
And, of course, my Snarry Suite™ co-conspiritors, [personal profile] dementordelta and [personal profile] lilyseyes.

The following people usually or sometimes go, so I'm also hoping to see:
[personal profile] ravenna_c_tan
[personal profile] andreanna
[personal profile] logospilgrim
[personal profile] foxestacado
[personal profile] juniperus

And for some reason (maybe we talked about it?) I have the idea that I may also see:
[personal profile] saladbats
[personal profile] dreamy_dragon73
[personal profile] keladry_lupin
[personal profile] akemi42

So...anyone else? I love meeting Flisters, so speak up if you're going so we can make a plan to meet up!
Or just stop by the Snarry Suite and say hi. We welcome everyone no matter who you ship although we will side-eye you if you diss Snarry. *g*


May. 8th, 2017 09:41 pm
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Thank you, [personal profile] felaine!
I just got your card today and I love it. *hugs and twirls you*

It gave me a huge smile! ♥♥♥
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Thank you, darling [personal profile] felixfvlicis!
I got your sweet card, and your note inside made me blush. <3

Thanks so much, lovely. ♥
You are so sweet, I can't even...

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A couple of reminders for you lovelies!

1) The [community profile] firewhiskeyfic Earth Day fest/competition/thingy is going on now. So, if you want a giggle, check out the entries (a lot of them are quite short) and vote in the poll if so moved. Also, if you participated you have to vote to win. What's to win? Well, bragging rights, for one. Also, an awesome banner by the fabulously talented [personal profile] sdk! So, go vote HERE.

2) [ profile] hp_darkarts's 2017 Horror Fest is now posting. There's been fabulous art and some awesomely creepy fic posted already, so if you're into that sort of thing, go check it out. And yes, I'm actually participating this year. Eep! Cookies to anyone who can spot my entry. ;)

3) On a lighter note, [ profile] teacup_society is having its monthly tea party this weekend HERE. Come by to check out recipes and pretty pictures of teacups and dishes if so inclined.

4) [ profile] hp_may_madness/[ profile] hp_may_madness/[community profile] hp_may_madness will be starting up on MONDAY! Whee! In a bit I'll be putting up my annual 'give me your pairing suggestions' post. I hope I can manage to write for every daily prompt again this year. *fingers crossed*

5) [community profile] snape_potter's annual Snarry A Thon (one of my favorite fests) starts Monday as well. Get ready for your daily dose of delicious Snarry. :) And, speaking of, I should return to my overdue fic. :/

Happy Saturday, dears! ♥

*returns to the Snarry slash mines*


Apr. 19th, 2017 09:31 pm
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[personal profile] digthewriter, I got your card!
You have the prettiest handwriting. <3

Also, I loved the Minerva stamp. I didn't even know they made those. :)

Thank you so much! It gave me a much-needed smile today. *hugs*
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1. I got an awesome Snape post card from [ profile] enchanted_jae.
See? )
Thank you, Jae! ♥ Now to give him some color... ;)
2. I got a fun fic fill from [ profile] fairyniamh at Daily Deviant's Birthday comment fest. It's delicious Snarry, and you should read it! Thank you, hon! ♥
3. And, speaking of fills, I finished another one at DD myself, this time for the lovely [ profile] digthewriter. Stealing Time is all about Charlie an Neville sneaking off during Ron's stag party. ;)
4. In addition, there are now even more prompts up at the DD party, so even if you didn't see anything that appealed before, there still a chance something can catch your eye. Go check it out!

Both members and watchers are welcome!
Click the banner to go to our birthday card!
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You guys, the DD Birthday comment porn party is happening on IJ, and I got a fabulous present!
[ profile] gracerene wrote me Hung, some delicious Teddy/Draco porn that has to be read to be believed! Unf.

Also, just in case you wanna write me a story, head on over there and check out the porny prompts! All are welcome! <3

For me!

Feb. 21st, 2017 10:26 pm
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You guys, [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me a drabble!

Set Up 8 is part of a sweet H/D series where it seems their friends are setting them up.
Thanks for the smile, Jae!

Go read and leave her some love! <3

Fic for me!

Feb. 5th, 2017 03:06 pm
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You guys, [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me the cutest, fluffy Harry/Draco fic which you should check out ASAP!

Be Creative is all about Draco being a bit...demanding (as he is wont to be). Luckily, Harry knows just how to deal with him. :)
It's adorable and deserves all the love.

Go read now! <3
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More fic has posted for me!
I must have been good this year. ;)

First, the oh so prolific [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me gifty fic this holiday! Gay, Happy Meetings is sweet Harry/Draco, a part of her Yuletide 'Verse.

Then [ profile] lomonaaeren very generously wrote my OTP, Snarry, in Rebirth of the Fire, a gorgeous, sensual tale about Severus introducing Harry to Yule traditions.

And finally, I got an incredible gift at [ profile] hoggywartyxmas.
A Term of Endearment is a beautiful study of the complex and often irreverent relationship between Severus and Minerva, spanning Severus' joining Hogwarts' staff to the second war, with a dash of my OTP at the end for good measure. It's wonderful and, as far as I'm concerned, it's my new headcanon.
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I can haz Christmas cards! *bounces*

Thank you to [ profile] fairyniamh, [ profile] enchanted_jae (both of whom gave me Star Trek themed cards! <3), [ profile] dementordelta, [ profile] cruisedirector, and [ profile] lilyseyes for the Christmas cards!

They are all displayed on my mantel and give my home a very holiday feeling. *smooches*
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So I have been crazy busy, but that is no excuse for not mentioning the following lovely things.

First, the incredibly talented [ profile] mywitch drew gorgeous Snarry art for me. Snogging Under the Mistletoe is, as advertised, Snarry kissing. It's dreamy, romantic, and fabulous. Thank you, dear one! <3

In addition, my [ profile] hd_erised gift posted! It's called Candyman, and it's got competition, pining, and the most delicious descriptions of decadent sex desserts I've ever red. Oh, and the sex is yummy, too. ;) Go check it out!

Also, the lovely [ profile] lutienlovemagic has posted their Hungarian translation of my Adventdrabbles13 series. The title is Adventi egypercesek 2013 and the first chapter is Esti mese. So exciting!

And finally, the utterly delightful [ profile] cordeliadelayne wrote me Snarry! Kitchen Disaster is a tender, loving piece of Holiday Snarry. I just love Harry's desire to do something special for Severus, and Severus' reaction is perfect. <3

Thank you all! You rock like rocking things. ♥
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I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I will be in NYC later this week as part of THIS event!
Which means, yes, I (along with my choir) will be singing at Carnegie Hall! *bounces*

So, if anyone is in the NY area and wants to attend, you can get tickets (the performance is Sunday at 2), or if you want to try to get together at some point (time will be tight, but I can prolly meet someone somewhere for a martini or some cheesecake or something) let me know in the comments (which are screened for anonymity).

You guys! CARNEGIE HALL! Wheeee!


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