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Title: By the Fire
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Severus Snape/Harry Potter.
Word Count: 700
Warnings: None.
Summary: The time has come for action.
A/N: Written for [community profile] adventdrabbles/[ profile] adventdrabbles' prompt # 17: Lovemaking by the fire. This is part 16 of my How Harry Claimed Severus series (LJ/IJ/DW).
Beta(s): [personal profile] torino10154.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.


By the Fire


Leaning in to meet Severus’ mouth, Harry kisses him with all his pent up longing and desire. Severus’ deft fingers have him out of his clothes in short order while Harry, in turn, fumbles with Severus’ buttons.

Finally drawing back, Severus shrugs out of his robes before ripping his shirt open and sending buttons scattering across the room.

“Someone’s eager,” teases Harry.

Tossing aside his shirt, Severus fixes him with a sizzling look. “You have no idea.”

“I think I do, actually.” Harry groans as Severus palms the bulge in his trousers. “How do you want to do this?”

Severus raises an eyebrow. “On the bed is fine since we’re already here. Unless you have another idea.”

Harry clears his throat. “Actually—” Waving his hand, he conjures a roaring fire in the nearby fireplace. “I thought for our first time we could do something romantic.”

Glancing towards the fireplace and the fluffy fur rug placed strategically in front of it, Severus smiles. “Then by all means,” he says, standing up and offering his hand to Harry. “Although perhaps with less clothes?”

“Definitely,” agrees Harry, and together they shuck the rest of their kit, Harry stealing glances at Severus’ lithe form.

The desire he sees reflected in Severus’ eyes is all Harry could wish for, and as he pulls Harry onto the rug and straddles him, Harry gazes up at him, inexplicably nervous.

Something obviously shows in Harry’s face since Severus immediately slows his movements, cupping Harry’s face. “What’s wrong?”

Harry loops his arms around Severus’ neck, pulling him down for a kiss. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just…been a while since I’ve been with anyone—”

Severus’ expression goes gentle. “I haven’t had very many people in my bed recently either, Harry.”

Harry grins. “So you’re saying we’re both out of practice?”

“Perhaps.” Severus smooths his hands down Harry’s sides, caressing him and eliciting a shiver. “Or perhaps I’m saying some things one doesn’t forget.”

They kiss again, Harry wrapping his legs around Severus and arching up in a wordless bid to get closer. They explore each other carefully, Harry listening to Severus’ breathing, to the noises he makes as he touches him. He discovers the back of Severus’ thighs and his arse are quite sensitive, and he runs his heels up and down the area, thrilled he can make Severus moan.

Severus is busy, too, however, and he soon discovers he can make Harry tremble with the merest hint of touch to his inner thighs, and when he rolls Harry’s balls in his hand, Harry almost comes unglued.

“You’re gorgeously responsive,” murmurs Severus against his skin, and warmth unfurls inside Harry’s core.

“You’re incredible,” he whispers, gasping as Severus’ tongue circles his nipple, stealing his breath.

When Severus drapes Harry’s legs over his shoulders and prepares him, first with fingers, and then with his tongue, Harry cries out and within moments is coming, his body shaking. And still Severus continues his onslaught, licking his hole until Harry is once again hard and trembling beneath him. Only then does he rear up and press himself inside Harry.

Their eyes lock as he begins to move. Unable to form words, Harry does the one thing he knows to do. He arches up, kissing Severus fiercely, pouring all of himself into it.

Severus’ long strokes falter, his arms tighten around Harry, and he shudders through his own orgasm, burying himself as deeply as he can inside Harry.

They remain suspended for a moment; to Harry it feels as if they’re flying, and then they collapse, Severus panting, Harry’s heart pounding hard enough to burst from his chest.

“Wow,” says Harry once he can form words. His face in tucked into the curve of Severus’ shoulder, and he’s staring at the fire. In its flames he sees a salamander, and he blinks as it winks at him before disappearing.

“Indeed,” agrees Severus, raising his head to look into Harry’s face. Whatever he sees there makes him smile, and after a soft kiss, he again lowers his head.

With the last of his strength, Harry Summons a blanket, and as it tucks itself around them, he closes his eyes and sleeps.


Continued in Celebratory Cheer (LJ/IJ/DW).

Date: 2018-12-18 01:57 am (UTC)
torino10154: Art by Tripperfunster of Severus and Harry (Snarry)
From: [personal profile] torino10154
That's what I was waiting for. *happy sigh* Delicious!

Date: 2018-12-18 04:53 am (UTC)
anitac588: (Teen Wolf Derek)
From: [personal profile] anitac588
Beautiful, and so hot! Thank you.

Date: 2018-12-18 09:15 pm (UTC)
sarahsezlove: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sarahsezlove
“Wow,” says Harry once he can form words.

Yup. I know exactly what he means.

Date: 2018-12-18 10:00 pm (UTC)
majmunka: (Default)
From: [personal profile] majmunka

Date: 2019-01-03 07:12 am (UTC)
lilyseyes: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilyseyes
*fans self* - that was delicious!


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