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Okay, time for my three happy things post.

  • I survived Monday! Which was quite a feat since they are renovating our office and the jackhammering was less than soothing. :P

  • You know how I mentioned a raise? Well, as it turns out, we get a bonus, too. *does happy dance*

  • THIS PICTURE, which makes everything in life happy.
     photo h1E3AA16A_zpsdc019c33.gif

  • BTW, I'm kinda loving this meme. :)
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 photo happy-easter-wallpaper_zpscae7f4f8.jpg
To all who Celebrate!

And for those who may not celebrate this occasion, have some Easter lols )

Either way, have a great Sunday, everyone!
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This is my first year participating in [ profile] hp_halloween/[ profile] hp_halloween and I have to say it's been tremendous fun.
Do go and check out the gems that have posted so far. *g*

Also, for those of you looking ahead to November and hoping for demotivation, [ profile] wrisomifu is now open for sign ups HERE and HERE. Signups are only open until midnight tonight. It's not NANO (definitely not NANO, heh) but we have fun in our own miserable way. :)

And lastly, to celebrate the day, have another look at my very favorite LOLCAT of all time. :)

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Since my friend [ profile] libby_drew is celebrating, so shall I. ;)

Here's my favorite of these:

 photo url_zps214f6480.jpeg

But these are fun, too... )
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The lovely and generous [ profile] dementordelta and [ profile] cruisedirector sent me pressies for mah birfday!
And OMG they were perfect.
You guys, they sent me LOLcat magnets! Eeeee!


Thank you so much, bbs! *smooches and loves*
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Ever feel like this is your writing/art process?

 photo 116-funny-pictures-517_zps1f6b11e6.jpg

Yeah. Me, too.

Also? This is the sort of year I'm having.

 photo 16-daily-gifdump-194_zps912e5c56.gif

That's all.
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So, while I totally forgot the 15th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts (which was a couple of days ago on the 2nd) I did not forget today's significance. ;)

Thus, without further ado...Cut for ginormous pics )
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So it's been a rough year month week around here, but I just encountered this pic and HAD to share. Plus, I can't seem to stop staring at it, so...

Cut because, trust me, you will squee when you see! )
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HAPPY EASTER, everyone!

 photo imgres-1_zps62147b69.jpeg

And, because I can never resist a LOL!cat...although technically, this isn't a cat )
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Happy Boxing Day to all who know what that is! ;)

I saw this lolcat and couldn't resist. *g*

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Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. To all who don't...Happy Thursday. *g*

I took my journal decorating cues from [ profile] torino10154 this year. Heh.
Here's the official greeting...


Under the cut are the ones that didn't make it but only because LOLcats can be...irreverent. ;) )

I'm thankful to have all of you in my life! ♥
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I hope you're all having a screaming good evening! *g*

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Now THIS is what I call security. :)


And maybe the London Olympics organizers will take the hint and include some Dr Who in the closing ceremonies. :P
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So I'm off to Comic Con today, thus, the usual rules apply.
Don't break anything (like the internet), and if you do anything interesting, be sure to leave me a message so I can check it out. ;)

I'm not sure what I'll be trying to see this year at Comic Con. For sure Iron Man 3, and anything to do with Avengers, but other than'll just depend on my mood.

I know a couple of you on my Flist are going, so if you'd like we can try to get together, just leave me a comment here and we'll plot and plan.

And, last, I have been saving this LOLcat for like a year in anticipation of this moment. *g*

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This is just killing me it is so cute, so I had to share.
And yes, yes I think I may be falling in love with a new fandom.


*continues pondering HP/Avengers xover fics*
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Happy International Star Wars Day, everyone!

Don't believe me? Here, read all about it. ;)

And, in case you still want to argue, I refer you to Yoda.

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Happy International Women's Day everyone!

I saw some things today that gave me a smile.

What would it be like if men had to pose like women?

Want to dance?

And, because I think it's cute, have an albino koala bear.


Happy day, all! ♥
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I hope everyone is enjoying a happy Monday.
Here's the wrap up for last week, which was filled with schmoopy romantic fic (surprise, surprise!). *g*

Ali's list of fics: February 13th - February 19th )

And here's what I'm working on:
Ali’s list of WsIP )

In addition, I've a couple of pimps.
1) This is the year of the Snarry Big Bang, so if you believe you have a 25K Snarry story to tell, do think about signing up. For more information see here.
2) The Snarry_A_Thon is coming soon, so if you have a second shorter (or longer - we're not picky, lol) Snarry story to tell, do ponder participating in that one as well. More information here.

And, because these cracked me up, I'm sharing some macros: Cut to spare your lists )
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First, the happy stuff!

Thank you to all the lovely people who continue to send me fuzzy blue spiders to decorate my LJ userpage! *smooches [ profile] charmed310, [ profile] danikos_realms, [ profile] sophia_clark, [ profile] shellydkitty, [ profile] aeryun247, [ profile] sazula, [ profile] rycolfan, [ profile] ptyx, [ profile] f13tch3r, [ profile] dreamingjewel, [ profile] tootiredtosleep, and [ profile] carolinelamb* ♥ You are all awesome!

Edit: Oh, and I got a Charlie/Harry drabble from the fabulous [ profile] kabal42. Go read Now! and tell him how awesome it is. :)

Next the serious stuff.

[ profile] upstart_crow, a fabulous copy editor and all around quality person is in a bit of a bind at the moment and is offering very reasonably priced editing services. If you need an editor, do check out this post for details.

And finally, the Apocalypse.

When I moved to this part of the country thirteen years ago I knew about the tornadoes and thunderstorms. Unfortunately they neglected to mention the bloody earthquakes, which have been making the national news. Thus, I am personally registering my disgust with whomever it is that controls the weather! I mean last night on the news they were talking about the three tornadoes that touched down here as well as the 4.7 earthquake. WTF?

And, because lolcats make everything better, they get the last word:
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Here, have a lolcat to celebrate. ;)



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