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So I've been remiss in talking about the 2018 holiday fests in which I participated, perhaps because for the first time I missed a few. :(

Alas, I started but didn't manage to finish fics for [ profile] mini_fest and [community profile] snape_potter's Secret Snarry Swap. (I plan to finish those eventually, so don't count them out yet).

I did, however, manage something for [ profile] hd_erised (thank goodness, since [personal profile] titti had to sign me up for me to get in in the first place!) and for the always awesome [ profile] hoggywartyxmas.

For Erised I wrote: The Campaign for [ profile] huldrejenta, with which I had a lot of fun, thanks to their fabulous prompts. *g*
Also, I received the hilariously sweet Because Cats from [ profile] icmezzo, which I adored. Go read it now if you haven't already. :)

For Hoggywarty I wrote Second Chances for [personal profile] lash_larue, my first stab at Minerva/Aurora. *g* In addition, I got Snarry art from my dear friend [personal profile] shadowycat in the form of the glorious An Enchanted Evening. *happy sigh*

Reposts will be up in a few, but if you're bored and need something to read right now, I direct you to either fest for some truly stellar content. And, as always, if you find something you enjoy, do leave the creator some love, yes? We all crave feedback. <3
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Hey, all!

So yes, I know I've been MIA again, but it's not all Seekers Notes' fault. Work has been insane and I've been on call twice in about 3 weeks etc.

Anyway, I'm here now for December in Fandom™, and I hope to participate in all my usual activities. Namely [community profile] adventdrabbles, [community profile] slythindor100's 25 Day of Christmas, and [community profile] dracoharry100's Christmas Challenge. Which reminds me, I need to cross post that table here on DW).

Happily, I managed to finish and submit my [community profile] hd_erised fic, so yay! All I have now is all the other fest fics I plan to write. I seriously need a Time-Turner...

Oh! And there have been a few reveals for recent fests in which I participated, so I should prolly mention them, too.

1) [community profile] hp_halloween was fabulous this year, as it always is. I wrote a rather ambiguous drabble for [personal profile] themightyflynn, of which I'm rather proud. *g* Also, the wonderful [personal profile] torino10154 wrote for me this year! Go and check out The Legend of Godric's Hollow immediately and leave her some love. <3 My repost comes soon.

2) And, with [personal profile] titti's encouragement, I participated in [community profile] hp_nextgen_fest this year, and I wrote some James/Scorpius in response to a prompt from the delightful [personal profile] writcraft. The reveals are here so you can go check out all the Next Gen goodness! I'll be reposting this fic soon as well.

So, get ready for some spam on my part, and I hope you guys are all well and ready for December in Fandom™. Eat your Wheaties!
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner 2018

Day 14

In your own space, create your own challenge. Whatever your challenge is, and have fun with it! Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I have seen a ton of fabulous responses to this!
I'm going to go with a personal challenge to myself this time.
I suck at doing this thing, so feel free to ignore if/when I actually attempt it )
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I'm sticking with last year's format since it worked quite well. Thanks again to [personal profile] gracerene for allowing me to steal it. :)

Below is the list of my fics over 1K for the year listed by month, followed by some other writerly thoughts.

2017 Fics by month )
More Stats )
And here's the big number )
I certainly can't complain about that. Although I may need to adjust this year's goal since I beat last year's word count fairly handily. :)
2017 Fest participation )
Details )

And that's that!
Fingers crossed we all have a fabulous new year and 2018 squashes 2017 flat! ♥
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So I've done a thing and it's all [personal profile] lq_traintracks' and [personal profile] corvidology's faults.

Ever since the ~events of 2015, I've never got back to my previous writing levels of 300 to 350K a year, so I'm hoping this community will allow me to get some words done!

[img: notebook and pen on wooden desktop with "GYWO 2018"
printed in large white letters with a black shadow. under that,
"writing decathlon" in handwritten white letters with a black shadow.]
GetYourWordsOut: Year Ten!
Pledges & Requirements |

Anyone care to join me?
There are various writing goals, from 75 to 500K, so something for everyone.
What do you say?
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Holiday fest season is coming and I need to organize my thoughts, plan out what I'm doing, etc.
Here's what I'm thinking:
Thinky thoughts about upcoming holiday fests )
Therefore, here's my list of fall and holiday fests in which I will likely will participate (assuming they are running this year).
What will I be doing in November/December? )
So really, December will still be crazy. Maybe everything worked out for the best in the end?
Yeah, I'm going with that. :P
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As many of you know, I've been participating in [ profile] daily_deviant since 2007. And, with the exception of the year of cancer, I haven't missed many months.
So I thought I'd compile some wacky statistics and see how that all has shaken out so far.

For me, the big draw of DD is to be able to write pairings and kinks I normally wouldn't. Things like The Fat Lady/Molly Weasley, or Wormtail wanking while in rat form (LMAO). And yes, I even managed copraphagy (scat) once.

Anyway, I figured I'd do some calculations and see just how much I rely on my OTP for DD.
And since I consider Harry/Draco my secondary OTP, I figured I'd throw them into the calculation, too. ;)

Out of 113 total posts, I have written 23 Snarry fics, 9 Harry/Draco, and 4 Drapery. Which means about 20% of the time I write my OTP, H/D is 7%, and Drapery is 3%. That puts me at around 30% overall.
And, considering I often write my OTP for DD when desperate (I call it committing emergency Snarry *g*), that's not too bad, IMO.
FYI, I left out fics with background Snarry (where they are just mentioned as couple, but not the focus of the story).

Writing 70% 'other stuff' counts as being adventurous as far as I'm concerned. *g*

Right, how about you guys?
Especially those of you in DD, let's see your stats. I'm curious!
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Happy Monday, all.
Dreary day here, I hope it's nicer where you are. <3

Ali's List of Fics: June 5 - June 11 )
And here are my upcoming projects:
Ali’s To-Do/WsIP List )
In addition, I'm contemplating doing something for [ profile] hp_crossgenfest (need to scour the prompts), [ profile] hd_cliche (ditto), and I'm in the mood to write some rarepairs, so does anyone know if [ profile] rarepair_shorts still runs that random numbers game fest?
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As I'm sure some of you noticed, I did [community profile] hp_may_madness again this year, and I managed to write something for every prompt. I'm not claiming these were masterpieces, but they were responses. *g*
[personal profile] torino10154 tells me we we've both managed to pwn this challenge the past 4 years, since 2014. Heh. Hopefully I'll manage it for a year 5. ;)

Here's the final list of fics I wrote:
Fic List: )
Also, as I did last year, I've compiled some "stats", which may amuse. *g*
Wacky stats under the cut )
Thanks again to the mods for throwing this fest once more. It was fabulous! ♥
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The [ profile] hp_darkarts Horror Fest Master List has been posted, which means I can now claim my submission.

I wrote Heart and Soul, a relatively short story featuring Ron/Gabrielle and a Veela mating gone terribly wrong. I'm not sure now horrible it was, but I tried for creepy. I plan to repost soon, so if you're in the mood for something different, give it a whirl and let me know what you think. If it's any consolation, no one dies. ;)

Also, this was my first time participating and it was definitely different (and kinda fun). I may even try it again next year. Thank you [personal profile] writcraft for being so lovely and encouraging.
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Weekly fic wrap up time.

Ali's List of Fics: January 30 - February 5 )

Ali’s To-Do/WsIP List )

Upcoming fests I'm definitely doing are:
[community profile] snape_potter's Snarry a Thon and the [ profile] hp_getlucky fest.

Fests I'm considering are:
[ profile] hprarefest
[ profile] hp_bunintheoven
[ profile] hp_3somes
and, believe it or not, [ profile] hp_darkarts's Horror Fest (I know!) I guess I'm curious to know if I can go dark enough for this fest. *ponders*

Any fests you guys are considering?
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Another of the fests I participated in, [ profile] hoggywartyxmas, has posted their reveals, and so I can now admit to the story I wrote for them, and once again point to my FABULOUS gift.

I wrote Hiring Defence Against the Dark Arts Teachers and Other Unforgivable Acts for the incredible [ profile] sigune, and I was bowled over by the wonderful reception it got. ♥

In addition, the amazing [ profile] gingertart50 wrote a fabulous fic for me. A Term of Endearment It's...awesome, and I have already recced it, so if you haven't yet read it you have no excuse. The whole thing is wonderful and it even ends with Snarry! <3

I'll be reposting my fic in a few, but before that I wanted to talk about the fest. Because I have ~thoughts.

I've been participating in fests for years, )
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I know I've been spamming my Flist lately, but I've had some inspiration for September ficlets (yes I know it's October now), hence the fic spam.
And, in case you thought that was it, there's more coming later. :P

ANYway, this post is more to point to a couple of upcoming events.

1: Tonight is the always hilarious and fun [ profile] firewhiskeyfic fest. You know, where you get drunk and write fic with some equally drunk people? It's a hoot, let me tell you!
Sadly, I have to join late since I'm singing in a concert with my choir this evening. But once that's over I should be there, drink in hand, ready to commit drunk!fic. :)

2: Signups are now open for [ profile] hp_halloween (they are on IJ and DW, too, I believe). This is the most low-pressure fest ever. Just sign up and write 200 words for a Halloween theme. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. :) Come join us!
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So I've finally had some time to do a bit of a wrap up on this year's [ profile] hp_may_madness', er, madness. *g*
The Masterlist of participants is here if interested, and they had some interesting statistics. The mods, as always, did a fabulous job! ♥

Anyway, this year, I did my own stats because why not? Read at your own risk. ;)

First, here is the list of fics I did:
Rarepairs ahoy! )
And now for the fun part!
Here be silly stats )

Anyway, this year's fest was a ton of fun, if a little stressful. Typically I'm nervous the first 2 weeks and then after that I'm fine, figuring the rest is downhill. But there's always that little thrill as I wait for the pairings/prompts to appear where I think "Can I do it? Or is this the time when I'll fail to think of something to write?" *g*

This fest, it keeps me on my toes. :)
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I just got my [community profile] intoabar/[ profile] intoabar assignment, and it's who I was dreading.
Draco Malfoy walks into a bar and meets...Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow. URGH!

Don't get me wrong, I love the character, and my muse is already coming up with plausible scenarios, but Ichabod's turn of phrase is...particular. I'm worried what I write won't sound like him.
[ profile] draycevixen, any suggestions?

I am going to have to study him for a while, I think. *sigh*
Still, it could be worse I suppose. :P
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The [ profile] hp_goldenage Salt and Pepper Fest reveals are up, which means I can claim the fic I wrote.
It's an unusual one by my standards since it's gen and focuses on a character I don't often spotlight, Minerva McGonagall.

If interested, you can read it at the fest, In Celebration of New Friendships, although I will be reposting it in my journals soon.

And now for some writing babble. ;)
tl;dl discussion about gen fic in general and my fic in particular )

Anyway, this was all to say that I had fun in this fest, enjoyed a lot of the submissions (see my rec posts here and here) and I hope to participate again sometime. :)
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So as many of you may have noticed, my muse is back with a vengeance and I have been writing, yay!
I am in the mood to do a prompt table for my dear OTP, Snarry, but I can't seem to locate any ready made ones. Anyone know where I can find one?

I totally forgot about [ profile] 100quills and [ profile] 100_prompts. Those are perfect! Just what I need. Thank you, [personal profile] torino10154 and [personal profile] lilyseyes!
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As many of you know, 2015 was a weird year for everything writing because of RL ~stuff that shan't be mentioned here. Needless to say my word count definitely suffered as a result, In fact, I haven't written much of anything since the summer really, so I suspect my count will be half what it was last year. Anyway, I guess we'll see in a bit.
Here we go! As usual, I'm only linking stories over 1K.

What I wrote in 2015 )
And that was it.
tl:dr: my word total is: drum roll )

As for what this year holds...who knows?
I have no resolutions per se, just to try to get back to the way I was before the life changing events of the summer of 2015. Fingers crossed that I can. :)
And I wish for all of us a prosperous, joy-filled new year. ♥
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So I seem to be lacking inspiration today. I think it's because work is being extra annoying, which always happens right before I go on vacation (YAY MISTICON!).
Anyway, I only bring this up because I need your help, Flist.

I wanted to make this canon week in my [ profile] hp_may_madness ficlets, but of course today's kink is threesome/moresome. :P So, which characters do you think could logically be in a threesome in canon? Yes, I know this will be all speculation (pretty sure JKR will never admit to a canon 3some in Pottermore), but maybe it'll spark some ideas for me. ;)

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Hello, H/D lovers. :)

So I've been pondering doing the [ profile] hd_collab fest, but I need someone with whom to collaborate. Since my OTP is Snarry, I cannot go to any of my usual friends for help, so this is a general call to anyone who writes/draws Harry and Draco. Would you like to collaborate for this fest? Signups close Monday, so we need to act relatively quickly.
There is one caveat. I have some RL stuff that will make it hard for me to do much until early April, but the fest fics are a 2K minimum and it's due in June, so I still think it's doable.
Any takers?
Comments are screened.

Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

Sorted! Thanks! ♥


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