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I saw this over on Tumblr and thought some of you guys might find it useful.
In fact, I've been on DW for years and I'm even finding it handy. How to move to Dreamwidth and like it.

Also, there was this article talking about the LJ TOS which I found scary interesting.

Do I think Russia is spying on me? Prolly not.
Of course, if you'd asked me 6 months ago if Russia could influence our election, I'd have said no then, too... :P
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Not to panic anyone, but [personal profile] dreamy_dragon73 brought this post to my attention, and reading it makes me concerned that the LJ TOS is more far reaching than any of us imagined. I'm especially perturbed by the bit talking about them being authorized to modify/add images/amend content without notification. :/
Given that possibility, I'm contemplating no longer xposting my stuff to LJ at all. *sigh*
Any thoughts?
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Since we're all (justifiably, IMO) freaked out about LJ's new TOS, this is just a reminder to all who may care that I am Alisanne just about everywhere, and welcome friend requests/subscriptions anywhere.

Find me on:
IJ: [ profile] alisanne
DW: [personal profile] alisanne
AO3: [ profile] alisanne
Tumblr: [ profile] alis-anne
Twitter: [ profile] alisanne

I have no plans to go anywhere, but apparently they are deleting journals already, so all bets are off. :/
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Okay, show of hands.

Who else feels like this should be Friday?
It's been like this all week. Yesterday felt like Thursday, and Tuesday felt like Wednesday.
In Slashchat with [ profile] torino10154 we've been talking about how this feels like it should be the end of the week, and right afterward [ profile] capitu posted saying the very same thing.

And this isn't only fandom people. I've had several people in my office say the same thing.
So WTF is going on?

*contemplates theories*
Are we fighting the programming?
Are we about to wake up and find we're in a dystopian world? Oh, wait...
What the hell, people?
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...but I'm not. I mean, I am *eyes overdue Erised fic* but I'm not, because I keep stopping to think about how I live in a country with a POS man as president, and how people now think it's open season on me because of my color, and on my friends because of who they love, or who they ARE, and I start to get pissed off again.
I meant to catch up on writing drabbles, like [community profile] snarry100, for which I will put up a new prompt later, and [community profile] hogwarts365, which is due tomorrow, but I am not feeling it right now.
All I feel is depressed and bitter and pissed off.
And to the people at work who tried to tell me how just because they voted for Trump it doesn't make them racist? Fuck you!
I had to GTFO before I did or said something bad. I have to work with these people for at least 2 more years. After that? All bets are off.
HOW did this happen? WTF? I just... *exhales*

How do I feel?
Michelle Wolf says it perfectly:

(Link here if the embed doesn't work.)
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I have no words this morning.

Just...WTF, America? WTAF?


Sep. 15th, 2016 03:15 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] sweetmelodykiss I now have an Imzy account.
Except I have no idea what to do with it. I haven't even posted yet cuz I'm not sure how...
So if any of you are Imzy experts, please help me figure it out?
Also, what am I supposed to be using it for?


Oh, and I'm alisanne there, too. Feel free to friend me!


Jul. 14th, 2016 10:17 pm
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Okay, so after hearing at Leviosa all about how we should be posting on Tumblr and there are fun people there etc., I tried to post a link to my most recent drabble there, but I can't make HTML work.
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The ever so talented [ profile] mywitch is doing a yummiliciously sexy project called The ABC's of Severus Snape, Village Broom in which our favorite Potions master gets to do, well, all the yummy peoples.
Anyway, we are up to P in the alphabet, which means it's SNARRY time. Seems only fair, right?
Well, scarily, not everyone agrees, so I need you to don your Snarry Slash hats and go vote for Harry to ride Snape like a broom.
Dudes, if Snarry doesn't win then there's no hope for humanity, I tell you!
Come on, Snarry fen! Represent!
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So I have been clinging to the old header bar on my LJ for as long as possible, despite LJ's attempts to make me switch to their new system. Today I noticed the header has changed to their default, as has the posting interface. It's quite aggravating.
Anyway, does anyone know how I can get my old header back? Or am I just screwed? :/

Solved! Thank you, [ profile] digthewriter! Mwah! <3


Jan. 14th, 2016 09:33 am
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 photo tumblr_nyzclifTNP1r8fgv7o1_500_zpsnxzlif7p.jpg

We shall never forget.


Jun. 9th, 2015 09:42 pm
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Okay, so for anyone else who loves really awful shark movies, they're making another Sharknado!

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Here's the weekly random links. :)

  • Famous album covers expanded to show the greater world around them. Very clever! The Bieber one made me LOL. :)

  • Historical figures you may not have known were black. Pretty interesting!

  • Here's a distraction free writing device for those of us who can be easily distracted.

  • I found this to be an interesting article on bisexuality in women.

  • Did you know there is such a things as the World Beard and Moustache Championship? Apparently so. And here I mean hair are some contestants. *blinks*

  • Weird hairstyles are weird. Warning: some are creepy as hell. Like the girl with the hands. *shudders* Some are kinda clever, though. Like the storm cloud. ;)

  • How long would you last in a horror movie? I lasted 83 minutes. How about you?

  • And, finally, for mah Harry Potter peeps, have some fun quotes from the books that are quite interesting when taken out of context. *g*

  • Happy November, everyone! ♥
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I dunno about all of you, but today sucked donkey balls.
Donkey balls I tell you )
So here's what I'm asking. May I have a hug? In fact, can we have a hug-a thon?
By which I mean, just go hug someone else on your Flist right now. I think everyone loves hugs, and I can't be the only one having a shit day. :(

Here, I'll start. {{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}
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More information:
Battle for the Net
AO3 post

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So you know how there are topics you're supposed to stay away from?
Yeah...this is so not that post.

  • Starting out kinda serious this week. I've heard of this exercise to demonstrate the inherent racism in our society, but hadn't seen the video that goes with it. It was eye opening.

  • In fact, what are we doing to our black children anyway?

  • Although this vid? Made me cry, y'all. Seriously, I cried the ugly cry after watching these people stand up against ignorance and racism.

  • And while we're on the tough topics, here's one of the most reasonable Atheist vs Christian debates I've ever seen. The host makes some good (and hilarious) points, too.

  • Right, now to lighten things up a bit. Although we may as well tackle another taboo topic while we're at it. Watch these homophobic people hug these gay people. It certainly made me smile.

  • Also, according to this older woman who has sex with younger men, the porn industry is messing up our sexual expectations. Think she's right?

  • Right, now for a complete about turn about. Think you know English? Take this Grammar Quiz and see!

  • And, while you're in test taking mode, you could also try this Harry Potter Quiz as well.

  • Here, have some pictures to prove that our amazing planet is amazing.

  • And finally, everyone is talking about Robin Williams, and I've seen tons of posts and blogs on the issue of depression this week. Here are two that I think bring home the point. First, this one and then, this one.
    RIP Robin. You were a gift. We miss you.
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A year ago today, George Zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin.
A lot has happened since then, but let us not forget that we still have a long way to go for there to be equal rights and true justice in this country.
RIP, Trayvon.
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I'm posting more interesting links because my muse seems have done a runner I can. *g*

- For those who liked the previous book list I linked last time, here's another. What were the standouts for me? Well, Why Cats Paint made me laugh, and, scarily, I believe I may know Harpo's Horrible Secret. Yikes!

- On a better note, have some gorgeous pictures of this frozen Siberian lake.

- I am not necessarily an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, but I would totally consider doing this, because it could be really fun. *g*

- I have been completely amusing myself with the reviews for this book at Amazon.

- The lovely [ profile] emynn shared this link with me for pi(e) day (yesterday), but I have to say, I'm not sure I agree with their number one. *shakes head*

- And finally, what could be more fun than dueling schoolgirls?
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Again, not sure I can connect these things, but they made me laugh/think/boggle, so I'm sharing anyway. :)

- For those of you who like to read, here's a list of books for you to consider. Some of my favorite titles? The You've Had Worse Things in Your Mouth cookbook, and How to Play With a Lion's Testicles (no, I don't think it's intended to be HP slash *g*)

- For those who may think an effective story can't be told in a 100 word drabble, check out 2 sentence horror stories. And some of these? Damn. *shivers*

- I don't know how helpful this will be as a guide for any who want to know more about sushi, but I found the bouncing sushi pictures to be absolutely adorable!

- For any who may be planning a wedding, here are some unique ideas for RSVP cards. NGL, I'd love to get an invitation to one of these. *g*

- And finally, I am not a fan of amusement park rides (yes, I'm a wimp, what? :P) but I think even the most hardened roller-coaster lover would think twice about riding this Crazy Thing. Yikes!


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