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You guys, [personal profile] enchanted_jae drew me stick art, and it's adorable!

Go check out Our First Date!
It features besotted Harry and a rather naughty Draco on a date. It gave me a smile. *giggles*

Go take a peek! <3
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So I have been crazy busy, but that is no excuse for not mentioning the following lovely things.

First, the incredibly talented [ profile] mywitch drew gorgeous Snarry art for me. Snogging Under the Mistletoe is, as advertised, Snarry kissing. It's dreamy, romantic, and fabulous. Thank you, dear one! <3

In addition, my [ profile] hd_erised gift posted! It's called Candyman, and it's got competition, pining, and the most delicious descriptions of decadent sex desserts I've ever red. Oh, and the sex is yummy, too. ;) Go check it out!

Also, the lovely [ profile] lutienlovemagic has posted their Hungarian translation of my Adventdrabbles13 series. The title is Adventi egypercesek 2013 and the first chapter is Esti mese. So exciting!

And finally, the utterly delightful [ profile] cordeliadelayne wrote me Snarry! Kitchen Disaster is a tender, loving piece of Holiday Snarry. I just love Harry's desire to do something special for Severus, and Severus' reaction is perfect. <3

Thank you all! You rock like rocking things. ♥
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OMG, you guys!
So I posted a Snarry drabble earlier (The Friendly Skies on LJ/IJ/DW) and the fabulous [ profile] mywitch drew art to go with it!
Run now and check out her delicious Scribble before coffee. It's PERFECT, although NSFW, and be sure to check out the grins on our favorite couple's faces. *g* They kinda match my beaming face at the moment, truth be told. ;)

Anyway, go and leave her all sorts of love, K?

Art Alert!

Mar. 18th, 2016 07:25 pm
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So this should be the last I spam to you today, but you really should go and check out the luscious Snape art [ profile] mywitch has created.

Long story short, we got into a conversation here, which resulted in me writing a ficlet called Using His Imagination (LJ/IJ/DW), which then resulted in her drawing art! Whew!

Your job? Go tell her how fabulous her Snape is so she'll draw more of him and Harry. *g*
Right, what are you waiting for? Go! *shoos*
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So a few days ago I wrote a little drabble set to cheer up [ profile] akatnamedeaster, who was having a rough few days. Anyway, at the end of the drabble it talks about 'paddling". In the comments, we started talking about said paddling, and the topic of canoe paddling came up, which resulted in this hilarious art which you should go check out right now. *giggles*
Next I expect someone to write a drabble for this pic and we'll be full circle. :P

But yeah, this is my awesome fandom. *loves*


Jan. 26th, 2016 10:07 pm
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You guys!
So the wonderfully talented [ profile] mywitch did art for one of my fics: Come Along With Me (LJ/IJ/DW).
She even kinda put me in there as the barista, and she got it very right since this is pretty much how I'd be if I ever encountered Snarry IRL. *g*
Go and check it out now! And be sure to leave some love.
Sketch for Come Along With Me.
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You guys, OMG!
So the fabulously talented [ profile] citrus_lime made me Snarry art! *does dance*

You have GOT to see them!

The first one is a Snape-Potter Winter holiday scene that I commissioned.
see here )

And the other was a complete surprise to me. The Snape-Potter family on summer hols! *g*
summer fun )

Am I lucky or what? *glee*
Thank you, [ profile] citrus_lime! ♥

Art Rec!

Apr. 28th, 2014 02:27 pm
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So the fabulously talented [ profile] daleah is taking art prompts, so of course I requested Snarry and THIS is what she created!
It's not work safe, but I clicked anyway while at work because, well, Snarry, and OH. MY. *bites fist*

Run, don't walk, because yummy blow jobs are yummy.
Thank you, [ profile] daleah! ♥
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So I was chatting with the wonderfully talented [personal profile] shadowycat and somehow we started talking about Snarry (I can't imagine how I could have brought that into the conversation *g*) and I managed to nag her into drawing some for me.

Anyway, when she asked what I wanted I requested an illustration of my [ profile] hp_halloween/[ profile] hp_halloween drabble, Halloween Happiness, and the very luscious result, called "Illustration for Halloween Happiness", is rated R and can be seen here: LJ/IJ/DW.

I believe I literally squealed when she emailed it to me last night.

So, if you like Snarry, run and look so you can squee, too. ;)

And you you know the rule. If you like it, leave some love so she'll keep making us Snarry. *g*
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Unfortunately, because I completely spaced, I forgot to rec two brilliant art pieces from the fest (I'd seem them on my phone and even forgot to comment on them, an error I've now rectified).
Anyway, since the reveals are up it's no longer sn anonymous rec (not that this artist can hide, really).

Constant Vigilance and More Than Skin Deep by [ profile] shadowycat are both NC-17 works that feature Alastair Moody.

The first one, Constant Vigilance features him and Sybill Trelawney and is fantastically detailed, down to Sybill's hair and clothes, Moody's scars and *cough* bits, and his prosthetic, which is a masterpiece of artistic detail.

The second, More Than Skin Deep, is Moody/Tonks, and is more intimate. It's clear in both pieces that Moody's pretty thrilled to be there, but the intense looks they're sharing and Moody's scars and body hair and Tonks' posture make it special.

Do check these pieces out and leave the artist some love, and [ profile] shadowycat? Sorry for the late rec. ♥
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So, in week two of the [ profile] hp_beholder fest, there were even more fabulous submissions. I have mentioned how impressed I've been by the quality of this fest, haven't I? If not, consider it expressed.
And if you haven't been following I highly encourage you to check it out. There's definitely something there for everyone.

Here are the standouts for me.

Red Dreams, PG, 6850, Dolohov/Flitwick

If anyone ever suggested to me that I would ever not only sympathize with but frankly root for Antonin Dolohov I would have asked them what they were smoking, and yet, here's the fic that did it. *shakes head*
The author creates a totally credible back story for Antonin, gives him a reason for his rage, and believably explains the heartbreak and tragedy that lead to his eventual decision to join the Death Eaters. I hurt for him here, something I'd have thought impossible before reading this. And Flitwick... Wow, I can see why Antonin couldn't stay away.
Complex, gorgeous and tragic tale.

Triptych on the Sword of Ragnuk, R, ~3200, Flitwick/Griphook

I've seen this one recced all over the place and understandably so. When I originally read this I had to go away and come back before I could actually comment coherently.
First, the writing here was so very clever!
The back story for Filius is fascinating, but it's Griphook who totally steals the show. He's not likable by any means, but the reasons for his actions are very clearly explained by the differences between wizard and goblin cultures, which the author depicts beautifully.
And poor Neville is caught in the middle. *pets him*
This one will give you food for thought.

At Peace//Like I Belong Again, G, Snape/Firenze (art)

Gorgeously detailed symbols abound in this piece, and the use of color was just right.
The tender embrace was the perfect crowning touch.

As always, if you encounter something you enjoy (whether in this fest or elsewhere), please leave some words of encouragement. It is definitely appreciated.
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So a while back I commissioned the fabulously talented [ profile] tripperfunster to make me some Snarry art. It's a scene depicting something I've wanted to see illustrated for a very long time, a Snarry wedding, and I've talked to several artists about it all of whom ran screaming. I almost gave up, but then decided to ask Tripp.
She managed what no one else did.

Snarry Wedding is chock full of just the sort of detail that I craved for this piece. Luna, Hermione and Ron, the Malfoys... they are all perfect. And her addition of Hagrid weeping happily in the corner was a brilliant touch.

Seriously, go look and leave her some love. She totes deserves it!
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As I know I mentioned in my Lubricus post, the wonderfully talented [ profile] andreanna hung out in the Snarry Suite and made us art. It occurred to me that I hadn't shared my gift with you all yet, so, here, for your enjoyment, is the piece she did for me, fresh off the scanner.
If you wanna see Delta's and Lily's you'll have to ask them. ;)

My request was for a sweet Snarry Kiss )
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For those of you who missed her auction, [ profile] someoldcat had THIS PIECE up for grabs a while back and I snapped him up.
Well, he arrived *bounces* and is now facing the other Snape piece I got from her a while back. Remember this one? ;) )
I must say, they look very pleased with themselves. Perhaps it's the proximity to all that alcohol. Heh.

Thank you, [ profile] someoldcat!
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So the lovely and talented [ profile] pennswoods was taking prompts Saturday and I jumped on that immediately by asking for Snarry snogging (of course).

She came through beautifully with A Simple Kiss. *happy sigh*

Go, stare and admire with me!
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I continue to slowly catch up on my reading so I come to you with a couple more recs from [ profile] hd_holidays and Snarry art from the Snarry Swap.


Take the Air by [ profile] dysonrules.
50,000 words, NC-17, Harry/Draco.

This features a slowly evolving relationship based on gradual trust and admiration and some truly spectacular and three dimensional OCs. The magic is imaginative and well though out, and Narcissa Malfoy is brilliant. Also? Harry's Animagus form is one of the best I've seen. Another one I've found myself returning to over and over.

'Twixt the Sun and Sward by [ profile] novembersnow.
29,800 words, R, Harry/Draco.

I have such a soft spot for de-aged Harry stories. *cuddles Harry* I love Draco's slow evolution from a proud, broken man to an open, warm person who clearly cares for ickle!Harry. *hugs them both* And there are Dr Who references! *glee* Although don't worry if you don't get those, this story stands very well on its own.


Wrapped in a Bow by Anon.
R, Severus/Harry.

Gorgeous, sensual, ethereal art with a very effective use of color. The tender, loving expressions on their faces made me melt.

That's all for now. Remember, if you read/see something you love, do leave the creator some love, and maybe even rec it so others can enjoy it, too.
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Yes, I'm aware that [ profile] hd_holidays reveals happened a while back, but I've only just caught up enough to feel as though I can do a recs post. Really, at this point this post is primarily for me so I can find things when I want to re read them, but just in case you get a hankering for some fabulous H/D, and you missed some of these, do give them a shot. :)


Humbug (A Christmas Tale) by [ profile] snegurochka_lee.
30,000 words, NC-17.

I can't tell you how many times I've re read this one. In this retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Draco tries to pretend he's a cold-hearted scrooge but quickly discovers that he actually has a heart and cares, oh how he cares. And the sex...GUH. It's Lee, so of course it's stellar, but trust me, if you read nothing else, read this one just for her possessive!Harry and smart-mouthed, sex on legs!Draco.

The Squad by [ profile] valinorean.
20,000 words, PG-13.

Gorgeously plotty story with some fabulous magical details. Harry and Draco are trying out for an elite squad, and bot are they put through their paces. I just love the imagination that went into the writing of this piece, and the slow build to the climax. Very enjoyable.

In Dreams by [ profile] moonflower_rose
37,500 words, NC-17.

I love how this begins. With a beautiful relationship between Harry and Ginny (no, don't run) that forms a lot of the basis of why and how Draco and Harry end up together. Plotty... oh yes, there's lots of plot to sink your teeth into, and delicious UST and drama, drama, drama. Fabulous story.

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice by [ profile] lettered.
56,000 words, NC-17.

Very complicated and plotty fic with brilliant characterizations. Harry is an Unspeakable and he enjoys it because he likes spending time outside of his own (very recognizable) body. At first he hates his new handler but then he fals in love with him. At the same time, he starts sleeping with Draco Malfoy. Are the things two connected? Maybe. You'll have to read and see. Really, it's worth the time.

The Magic of the Holidays, or, How I Survived the Gringotts Holiday Helpdesk by [ profile] noeon
14,000 words, R.

Hilarious and beautifully paced story with some really poignant moments. And the magical puzzles they had to solve made me literally chortle out loud. Delightful, feel-good fic. :)

The Auror, the Toymaker, His Ego and Their Courtship by [ profile] themostepotente
23,000 words, NC-17.

Well written story with some very original concepts in it (dual handed casting FTW), and a brilliantly witty and acerbic Draco who learns to deal with a dead sexy adult!Harry. Mmf. Very hot.


Really, you should just go through all the art that's posted over there. It was all fab. Here are some I think are must sees.

Head Stronger than Heart by [ profile] glayish.

Beautifully tender and emotional art that is gorgeously drawn. I dare you not to stare at this for a long time.

Against the Wall by [ profile] vividzephry.

This superb art includes some fabulous details (as this artist always does) like their scars, their untucked shirts, Draco's BUM. *bites fist*

The Field Experiment by [ profile] amythystluna.

Beautifully drawn comic with some truly hilarious moments and a last panel that is drool worthy. Mmmf.

Into You by [ profile] savagesnakes.

Another comic, this time with Harry comforting Draco after a nightmare. Love Draco's body language and his posture in the one colored panel *fistbite* Not to mention the KISS. Guh.

You Belong to Me by [ profile] ile_o.

Implied D/s. So very sexy. Harry is so comfortable in his nakedness and Draco gorgeous in how possessive he is of his Harry. D/s is not usually my thing, but the details here did it for me. Draco's outfit, his gloves, his lace, Harry's six-pack, the defiant way they're both eyeing the viewer... Mmmf. Worth a look for sure.

The Manner of Giving by [ profile] red_rahl.

This beautifully drawn art is a hilarious, sexy and intimate portrayal of two men in a very loving and playful relationship. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Slytherin by [ profile] jakuako.

Stunningly beautiful slide show with a final panel that will stop your breath.

Reparation by [ profile] pink_mint
NC-17 (and how!)

If you haven't seen this one you've been under a rock someplace. Seriously hot and draw-droppingly gorgeous art that you have GOT to see. I can't even do it justice.

That's all for now. As always, do leave some love if you're so inclined.
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In the mood for some lovely Snarry? Yeah, I thought so. :)
In that case, I've a few recs for you.


Soggiorno by Anon
G rated.

A tender, loving moment depicting our favorite couple at rest, superbly captured. If you don't go "awww" at this one you have no soul.

Romance on the Orient Express by Anon
PG rated.

Detailed, beautifully crafted piece which screams for backstory (which I've kinda already created in my head). And may I just say? The positioning of Snape's hand in a very lovely thing. ;)


A Spot of Trouble by Anon.
15,830 words, NC-17.

Plotty, delicious, slightly angsty, VERY hot fic featuring a long-suffering Severus and an adult!Harry who definitely knows what he wants and how to get him it. All the UST and yearning was especially yummy, particularly since it pays off in spades with some fabulous smexing and a wonderfully happy ending.

That's all for now. And, as always, if you see/read something you enjoy, do leave the creator some love. :)
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I'm trying desperately to keep up with fests in the new year (and catch up with [ profile] hd_holidays), and am terribly behind, but I do have some lovely Snarry recs for you.

Mists of Time By Anon. 9300 words, NC-17.

Exciting, plotty story with fascinating time travel and yummy sex magic that hooked me immediately. I always love Unspeakable Snape. *g*

Hints from Severus By Anon. 21,000 words, NC-17.

From the hilarious premise to the way Severus infiltrates his way into Harry's life (and vice versa), this is a delight. I literally laughed out loud several times while reading. This was a delight!

I already recced this the day I received it, but it bears repeating. A New Leaf, a New Page, and the Beginning of Always is awesome (and MINE! EEE!)! If you missed it, go read now!

There is also beautiful art.

Warmness By Anon. R.

This artist always manages such elegant lines and beautiful textures and this was no exception. And they did it with ballpoint pen! *boggles* Go and look, this is totally worth a click.

As I mentioned above, I'm still working my way through HD Hols fics. I plan to have a recs post for that fest someday (although at this rate it may not be before the reveals *sigh*).

And, as always, if you see/read something you enjoy, please leave the creator some love.

Art for me!

Jan. 7th, 2012 12:08 pm
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So I have been remiss in sharing this with you all, but it's been a rather crazy holiday.
Anyway, I commissioned some holiday art from the lovely [ profile] pinkelephant42 and here's the piece she did for me.
Snarry, of course, but very gen. I do believe Severus and Harry would be all about family at the hols and this is how I see it happening, with Weasley madness and in the center of it all, our boys, taking it all in. :)


Innit great? *happy sigh*


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