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I was just over at [community profile] ushobwri whinging talking about having written no words yet today.
Anyway, they were asking about fun fannish things coming up, and so I pimped some fests.
If there, why not here, right?

Banner by [personal profile] kitty_fic

Femmefest Exchange 2018!
Posting on

Art by @kiertorata| [personal profile] kiertorata.

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Holiday fest season is coming and I need to organize my thoughts, plan out what I'm doing, etc.
Here's what I'm thinking:
Thinky thoughts about upcoming holiday fests )
Therefore, here's my list of fall and holiday fests in which I will likely will participate (assuming they are running this year).
What will I be doing in November/December? )
So really, December will still be crazy. Maybe everything worked out for the best in the end?
Yeah, I'm going with that. :P
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Many of you may have missed this, but the lovely [community profile] snape_potter mods hosted a festlette *g* throughout July to celebrate Harry's birthday.
It was called The Harry's Birthday Challenge and its masterlist is now up, so do go check it out!

Anyway, I wrote something (now how could I not celebrate my OTP?).
It's called Through the Years, and you can read it at SP (LJ/IJ/DW), or if you wait a few, I'll be reposting it.

Happy Birthday, Harry! We love you! (Although Severus wants it known he cares for you more than anyone.) <3
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Hey, guys!
So the lovely [personal profile] digthewriter put out a call to her Flist for someone to write a quick H/D ficlet, and I decided to answer the call, and found myself taking part in the [community profile] slashorific fest. *g*

Our collaboration went up yesterday and is called: Wine Lessons For Beginners.
Check it out (especially Dig's fabulous art <3) and let us know what you think!
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And now I know I'm really back. I actually have a weekly wrap up to post!

Ali's List of Fics: July 25 - September 4th )
And here's what I'm working on!
Ali’s To-Do/WsIP List )

And, since my friend [ profile] torino10154 did this, I shall, too.

Here's the list of fests I'm either definitely doing or contemplating doing this year:

[ profile] adventdrabbles
[ profile] hd_erised
[ profile] hoggywartyxmas (new for me)
[ profile] hp_halloween
[ profile] mini_fest
[ profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas
[community profile] snape_potter's Secret Snarry Swap

In addition I'll (hopefully, if time permits) be following/commenting on:

[ profile] hd_fanart
[ profile] hd_fan_fair
[ profile] hd_owlpost
[ profile] smutty_claus

Anyway, if I'm missing anything you think I'd like, poke me and I'll add it to the list, although no promises. The holiday season is BUSY, yo. :P
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Another holiday fest posted its masterlist! (Yes, it was a while back, but I'm trying to space these posts out a bit).

This year I participated in Snupin Santa for the first time. It was the last round so I figured, why not? Anyway, the masterlist is here and, once I figure out how to reply at the Snupin Santa community, I will. ;)

Also, I'll be reposting the two fics I contributed soon.
They were Hot Buttered Holidays and An Old-Fashioned Christmas.

If you like this pairing, I'd urge you to check out this fest, there's pretty much something for everyone, from art to podfic to every genre of fic.

Thanks to all who participated, commented and generally gave Snupin Santa a lovely send off! Fare thee well, Snupin Santa! ♥
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So the [ profile] mini_fest masterlist has posted here, which means I can now admit to the four fics wot I wrote. What? I was inspired. :P

Anyway, I wrote:
An Interest in Dentistry (Ron/Hermione, Arthur, Mr and Mrs Granger)
The Ghost of Christmas Future (Harry/Draco, Hermione)
Family Fireworks (Harry/Luna, Dudley/OFC)
The Winter Ball (Severus/Harry)

And at some point I'll reply to all the lovely comments, promise. *glomps everyone*

I have to say, I adore this fest, because it really is the last of the general HP fests that are left. Long live [ profile] mini_fest! ♥
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So I have fics in a couple of fests that are still anonymous, and in an effort to stimulate my muse, I'm offering a drabble/ficlet (whatever I'm inspired to write) to anyone who successfully guesses which holiday stories I may have written.

As usual, my beta readers/pre-readers, and anyone who knows which fics are mine (like mods), are disqualified. :P

The relevant fests are:
[ profile] hd_erised (anonymous masterlist here)
[ profile] mini_fest (anonymous masterlist here)
and [ profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas (Wrap Up Post here)

This offer will remain open until January 7th (when the Minifest reveals go up).

The comments on this post are screened, so give me your best guesses and good luck! :)
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As you all know, it's fest season, and I've already received some lovely gifts. :)

First, the lovely [ profile] alafaye wrote me some sweet Snarry. Our Tradition is a lovely, domestic piece. Thank you!

Then, some fabulous Anon wrote me Alcove of Amour as my Kinky Kristmas gift. It is also Snarry and it's beyond sizzling. Thank you, anon!

The fabulous [ profile] cordeliadelayne has also written me Snarry (are you sensing a theme?) Unexpected is a sweet Snarry drabble that depicts our boys starting a lovely relationship.

And finally, another lovely Anon wrote me Unexpected (LOL!) as my gift at the [ profile] hd_erised Fest. It's an adorable Harry/Draco bonding story that you should check out.

Thank you, everyone. You have made my December very celebratory! ♥
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So I have a couple of masterlists to point to, one from a while back that I neglected to mention, although I have already reposted the fic *sheepish* and another that posted today.

1) The Snarry Road Not Taken Fest ended a while back, and the story I wrote, The Dreaming, was, happily, well received. It's a Harry Potter/Matrix fusion that gave me fits along the way as I was writing it, but that was worth the pain in the end, since I am pleased with the way the story turned out (and with the fact that I managed to write out of my comfort zone *g*). The masterlist is here (LJ/IJ/DW), and the story can be found at the fest (LJ/IJ/DW), in my DW journal here, or in my account at AO3 here, where, FYI, I am also [ profile] alisanne.

And, speaking of writing outside of my comfort zone...

2) The [ profile] hp_het_taboo's Dirty Wrong Comment Fest masterlist just posted this morning and I wrote something for that, too. I hadn't actually planned to do so, but as I was perusing the prompts one night, a deliciously wrong one caught my eye, and so I wrote A Grown Up Weekend, which is Draco/Lily Luna with all the wrongness that pairing implies. It can be found in my journals (LJ/IJ/DW) or on AO3. Do mind the warnings!
Many of the fills at the fest were fabulous, so I'd urge you to take a look.
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So I should be writing my October DD (due on the 5th) and my overdue Glompfest (due on the 12th) but what am I doing instead? Why signing up for more stuff, of course. If only I could focus on one thing instead of letting myself be sucked into every random fest that comes by like a...Eeee Squirrel!

Anyway, since I'm signing up for everything, you should, too. That way we can all panic together. ;)

With that in mind, run on over to [ profile] hp_halloween/[ profile] hp_halloween and sign up now. It's easily the least stressful fest I've been involved in, all you need to do is write a 200 word drabble! Easy peasy. :)

For all you Harry/Draco lovers, there's [ profile] hd_fluff's Fluffy Halloween Fest. They collect prompts for the next few days (until the 10th) then you can wander by and write something for those prompts. Or for your own prompt. Also very low-pressure (because Merlin knows I don't need any more pressure).

Then, because it's intriguing me, I keep pondering picking up a card at [ profile] hp_goldenage's Bathilda Bagshot's Bingo. Not sure which character, though. I'm wavering between Luna, Draco, or Pansy. Thoughts?

Also, I have been eyeing [community profile] intoabar/[ profile] intoabar. I suspect it's all [ profile] draycevixen's fault since I believe I've seen her talk about it. :P Anyway, I am considering it. Can you imagine Snape and Castiel in a bar? LMAO.

And, just because I figure it could use some pimping, do come by and check out HP Diversity awareness month at [ profile] hp_diversity. It just so happens I did some Kingsley recs there that you may be interested in investigating. :)
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In case you're not aware, the Snarry Road Not Taken Fest is currently posting, and week one has been completed. Before the next batch of nummy Snarry comes along, I thought I'd point you to what I especially enjoyed from the first week.

An Inadvertent Tie (5600, NC-17)

If you want a deliciously hot and sweet read, this is the story for you. Severus is trying to be noble and let Harry experience life, but Harry (smart man that he is) is having none of it. Although they do have a bit of angst to overcome first. Go roll around in the sweet and hot fluff!

Into a Bar (4432, PG)

You could see this as a Severus mentor fic, which is not usually my cuppa, but there's some ogling in it (lol), which made it more my speed. Either way you cut it, it's a lovely story. It's deceptively simple, but layered and beautifully descriptive, and the twist at the end was superbly revealed. If you can, I'd recommend reading it without looking at the warnings. Either way, though, it's fabulously done.

The Nameless Road (40,910, PG-13)

So I know the word count is intimidating, but trust me, this story is worth the time investment. It's a simple but profound premise. What if everyone thought Harry died as a baby and only discovered he might be alive when he came of age? How would Harry, as someone raised entirely Muggle, deal with what's expected of him? The author handles canon beautifully, the events flow by as if thing were meant to be this way, and everyone is recognizably themselves. And of course, the Snarry is luscious. A real joy to read.

As always, if you see something you enjoy, do leave the creator some love. :)
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For any who may have missed it, [ profile] hp_beholder has posted their Reveals, which means I can now claim my fic, A Properly Improper Love Affair, written for the lovely [ profile] katmarajade.

And, sadly, this was the final year for the Beholder fest. It's had a fabulous 7 year run, so I suppose I shouldn't be greedy, but I shall miss it. It was definitely one of the best fests in HP fandom, and the fact that it focused on lesser known, not conventionally attractive characters made it even better, IMO.

This was my fourth year participating and I'm truly sorry to see it go.
Thank you [personal profile] bethbethbeth and [personal profile] delphi for all your hard work, and to all the participants and commenters and reccers, who made this fest the success it has been over the past seven years! Marvelous job, all of you. ♥
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I should be writing, but instead I've been trolling my Flist and I saw this ad for obscure British Fandoms. Naturally, I immediately got sucked in and left some fill requests. *sigh*

And if any of you *eyes British Flisters* would like to go write me something for Sapphire and Steel or Modesty Blaise, please feel free. *g*

And, speaking of Sapphire and's the obligatory pimping banner.

Interested? Go now!
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Title: Wish Granted
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy.
Challenge: Written for [community profile] harry100/[ profile] harry100's prompt #226: Wish, and for [personal profile] sdk, who 'won' two drabbles from me for guessing which fics I wrote during the 2013 Holiday fest season. This is the second of her winnings. *g*
Rating: PG
Length: 100 x 6
Warnings: None
Summary: Cruising is the life.
Betas: [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn
Notes: Sorry this one took so long, [personal profile] sdk. They just didn't want to cooperate. And thanks to [personal profile] torino10154 for the help!
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Wish Granted )
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More bullet points because I'm definitely a sneezing, coughing, aching mess sick. *downs ginger ale*

- I was hoping to write something for Porn Sunday today, but the muse seems to be busy fighting whatever plague I have for her life and doesn't seem to have much left over to concentrate on porn. So sad. BUT those of you who aren't sick should write me porn to perk me up. Y/Y? *gives puppy eyes*

~ Another way to make me happy? Go and claim a prompt at [ profile] hp_getlucky. Claiming will be open until March 10th, but don't wait until then (unless you want to give me a heart attack). Please? *gives more puppy eyes*

- Or, if that fest doesn't do it for you, you could consider one of my all time faves, [ profile] hp_beholder. Signups there have been slow, so I urge you, if you have any interest in rarepairs, give it a shot?

- I have managed to scan the prompts at [community profile] snape_potter's Snarry A Thon and have picked several that look promising, so we'll see if I can manage something for it this year. *crosses fingers* My new method of (non exchange) fest participating is to write the story BEFORE officially sighing up (much less stressful that way *g*) so I'm hoping that strategy works this time, too. *crosses fingers*

- Edit: Oh yeah, the JK thing. *shrugs* I don't really tend to follow much she says now that she finished the books, so I'm not likely to worry about this. Although I did write a drabble response last night. Maybe I'll post that tomorrow. ;)
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Title: New Beginnings
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy.
Challenge: Written for [community profile] harry100/[ profile] harry100's prompt #225: A New Beginning, and for [personal profile] sdk, who 'won' two drabbles from me for guessing which fics I wrote for the 2013 Holiday fest season. I still owe you one more, bb!
Rating: PG
Length: 100 x 4
Warnings: None
Summary: People hate change, but it's often necessary.
Betas: [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn
Notes: Unimaginative title is unimaginative. Sorry!
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

New Beginnings )
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Title: Mirror Images
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Challenge: Written for [community profile] snape100/[ profile] snape100/[ profile] snape100's prompt #517: Snape and the Mirror of Erised, and for [personal profile] torino10154 as a reward for correctly guessing the fics I wrote in the 2013 holiday fest season. :)
Word Count: 100 x 6
Warnings: None.
Betas: [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Mirror Images )
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So a few of you took a chance at guessing which fics I wrote in fests this past holiday season, and now it's time to declare the 'winners'!

[ profile] torino10154 got 3 right (and, really, she knew the other two but since she modded the fest those were in she was disqualified from guessing). You win your choice of 3 drabbles/ficlets or one longer fic, m'dear. Let me know, and I'll need pairing(s) and prompt(s).

[ profile] sdk got one out of two guesses right! I guess my Snarry isn't that incognito? *g* Anyway, I'll write you a couple of drabbles/ficlets, sweetie, pairing(s) and prompt(s) of your choice.

[ profile] orlando_switch also took a stab at it as well. You didn't guess correctly, but I'm still pleased to offer you a drabble/ficlet anyway just for trying. Go ahead and give me a pairing and a prompt and I'll give it a shot. :)
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The last two holiday fests in which I participated have now posted their masterlists!

First, [community profile] snape_potter's Secret Swap's ML is here.
For that fest I wrote a couple small fics for some irresistible prompts.

The first was Crazy Christmas (LJ/IJ/DW), all about Severus' having to deal with Christmas the Burrow *pets him* and the second was The Fairy Light Fiasco (LJ/IJ/DW), where the boys try to handle Christmas lights with dignity and grace. Heh. Apparently even wizards can get rather tangled in those things. *g*

Also, [ profile] hd_erised's ML is here, which means I can finally thank [ profile] birdsofshore (OMG, I should have known!) for my FABULOUS gift, which I previously recced on all my journals (LJ/IJ/DW). It was brilliant and I loved every word. ♥
I can now also claim the story I wrote for [ profile] keeper_of_stars, Making Memories, which was a bit of a mystery wrapped in some UST. :)

Reposts will be coming up in a bit (once I catch up on comments).

Thank you to the mods of these fabulous fests and to all the lovely commenters! You all rock!


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