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I just read an article which has declared LJ as dead, mainly because George RR Martin has left. Apparently he was the one last famous holdout?

Anyway, I found it interesting.

Of note, they do mention us, but mainly to call us the "X-rated segment of Harry Potter fandom" lol.
There was also passing mention of DW.

See what you think.
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So it's been a weird week for me.
I had a procedure last Monday which went well and I'm home recovering.
In the meantime, however, I lost track of days (I blame anesthesia and Trump, mostly Trump) and somehow ended up thinking yesterday was Sunday, hence why I posted the new [community profile] snape100 prompt yesterday morning instead of today. Not that anyone seems to have noticed. :P
Anyway, if so moved, go check it out and if it inspires you at all, do write/draw something for it, yes? *gives puppy eyes*

And, speaking of inspiration, we're looking for your luck-based prompts over at [ profile] hp_getlucky, so won't you head on over and leave some ideas for creators? The prompt gathering post is HERE.

Also, if it's cold where you are, won't you stop by [ profile] teacup_society and have a warm cuppa? It's our January meeting and we'd love to see you. :)

Meme time!

Nov. 8th, 2018 05:22 pm
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I gacked this from [ profile] lijahlover, and since I have no fic to offer, have some random answers to some random questions. ;)

Forty Questions Meme )

I didn't plan to tag anyone to do this, although I'm happy to ~suggest some people. *g*
How about [personal profile] sassy_cissa, [personal profile] sdk, [personal profile] shaddyr, [profile] torino10156, [personal profile] titti, [personal profile] cruisedirector, [personal profile] lilyseyes, and anyone else who's interested? <3
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OMG, two posts in one day!

Ali talks about Hallowe'en and monsters )
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Okay, so just to reassure any who may be worried because I've been ~missing, no I have not spent any more money on that evil game (although I have been tempted), I've just been sequestered trying to write my [ profile] hd_erised fic.
Alas, it's fighting me. I hope I win. *wibbles*

I've also kind of given up on my ludicrous word count goal for the year. I'm still hoping to make it to 400K, but not holding my breath.

One good thing though. I'm throwing a Hallowe'en party tonight, and I'm dressing up as a Slytherin. Black Pansy maybe? ;) If inspired, I may even take pictures.

And speaking of pictures, I do have some to share of my latest Harry Potter loot crate. Maybe tomorrow while I'm recovering from tonight's festivities. ;)

How are you guys? ♥
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I'm late with this, as with everything these days. *sigh*

Tough and introspective questions are tough )
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For anyone who was eligible to vote in the US elections in 2016 and didn't, let this be a lesson.


I'm off to drink some wine now. It's the only way I can cope wth this day. :(((
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Right, let's all have a fantastic rest of the week, everyone, and as always, love trumps hate. ♥
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Sorry I haven't been around. Between work, this whole Kavanaugh business, and my game, I've been distracted.

Thoughts on seasonal cleaning )
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it's been a while since I've done one of these, but I have been collecting links, so I figured it was time to post what I have, even if some links may be old. ;)

Right, let's all have a fantastic rest of week, everyone, yeah? And as always, love trumps hate. ♥
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So this post is WAY late, and the only reason I'm doing this now is because I had a dream last night in which I was showing [personal profile] sdk all my Harry Potter loot and she had an asthma attack. She then pulled out a nebulizer machine from somewhere and began using it like an inhaler, and I had to scold her to use it properly (although that didn't stop me from continuing to show her all the loot). *g*
Anyway, dreams aside, I got HP loot!

You can tell it's the most recent one because I'm wearing my Summer Slytherin manicure in preparation for con going. :)

Hide your valuables! )

That's all for now, although I waited so long, the next loot box may be arriving pretty quickly.
Ah, first world problems. ;)
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This week's Friday Five is all about hurricanes, and reminds me to bid everyone in the Hurricane Florence affected zones to BE SAFE and watch for flooding. *hugs you all*

All about Ali and weather )
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I know this is early since it's been less than a month since I returned from my last Harry Potter convention, but 2019 is shaping up to be a major convention year.

So far I'm contemplating FOUR conventions. (!!!)

1. Misticon: I'm definitely attending. I already have early-bird con tickets and room reservations. *g*

2. Leakycon - Boston: I'm planning to go. [personal profile] titti will hopefully be successful in her efforts to get tickets since they can go fast. Plus, Boston in October will be perfect weather. :)

3. Potterversecon: I wasn't sure they'd throw this one again since apparently attendance was lower this year than last, but they made it sound like they planned to, so it's on the potential list.

4. LEVIOSA 2019! [personal profile] lilyseyes just sent me a link to their site. The best part of the last Leviosa was that a lot of online fans were there. If it's like that again, I'm totally going since cons for me are all about the people. Although 4 cons in one year

And there could be other ones, I have no idea.

Guess I know how I'm spending my vacation days next year. :)
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Sorry I'm late, I only just saw this. :P

Tuesday Friday thoughts about food.

Food, glorious food! )
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Time for this week's Friday Five.

All about People's Habits )
Want more answers? Cool, because I have them! *g*
Last week's Friday Five, which I missed )


Aug. 13th, 2018 12:34 pm
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Hey, all!
I'm back home after traveling yesterday (and delayed planes - boo), but was wiped when I got home so I went straight to bed.
Apologies for the recent radio silence, but between the RL destination wedding I attended, AND getting to hang with my bbs [personal profile] dementordelta and [personal profile] lilyseyes at LeakyCon, there wasn't much time for writing.
I will do my best to update all my WsIP this week (for those of you who follow them). ♥

BUT get ready for spam anyway because I have many updates to talk about.

1) There will be a LeakyCon post *g*
2) I got my most recent HP Lootcrate just before I left, so there's that to show you all
3) I have this week's (short) fic wrap up to post
4) There was this little thing called MY BIRTHDAY this past week and I OWE a ton of replies to posts and PMs, and emails.
5) And I have this week's SSHP Prophet to start collecting links for (technically that's not something I'll post here, but in my mind it counts).
Oh! And 6) I just got my [ profile] hd_erised assignment, so I need to squee about that!

SO...more to come! MUAH!
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Hey, you guys!

So I haven't been online in a while, mainly because of vacation week, which includes my being at LeakyCon this weekend with [personal profile] dementordelta and [personal profile] lilyseyes (OMG, managed coding while drunk!) and we just came from dinner where we had several butterbeers (with butterscotch schnapps and Captain Morgan's rum), and so I am tipsy.

Which means I should be just in time for [community profile] firewhiskeyfic tonight! *crosses fingers that coding's correct*

AND I am trying to bring Delta and Lily to the party, too, wish me luck! *g*

Anyway, this was all to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful birthday wishes (which I will reply to soon, I promise). Just know I adore you all. ♥
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Right, the weekend's almost here, and I'm on vaca next week, wheeee!
Let's hope we make it through the next couple of days without going to war with anyone, yeah?
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I don't know about you, but I needed things to help me smile this week. Oi vey.

Picture of the week (with a bonus cartoon) )

Right, let's all have a fantastic week, everyone, and as always, love trumps hate. ♥
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[community profile] questionoftheday asks: What do you hope makes a comeback, or becomes popular again? (question submitted by [personal profile] firewhispers)

My answer:

1) The notion that Nazis are evil and that there's no ~two sides to that issue.

2) Having a president who the world respects. It'd be nice if I respected them, too, BTW.

3) The truth.

4) Rubenesque figures, LOL.

5) Clear air and water (especially for Flint!).

What about you guys? Anything come to mind?


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