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You guys, I have a rec for you!

If you like Snupin (or even if you don't) go and check out The Downward Spiral by [personal profile] xochiquetzl (link is to the memoried list of chapters).
She wrote and posted it daily it over the month of July (with a little spillover into August) and it was my daily delicious fic fix for the month. It's complete (sadly, LOL), although that means I can finally rec it (because, as I'm sure you all know, I'm wary about WsIP, having been burned in the past).

It features a stunningly sexy young Severus, a bit of a sweet and innocent-ish Remus, prolly one of the best Lucius' I've ever read, a wonderful Narcissa, and a sly and fun Abraxas who is absolutely hilarious.
It's set just after Lily's death and outlines what happens when Remus and Severus hook up after her funeral. It's got some BDSM, polyamory, bisexuality (all handled beautifully), as well as just enough angst and sweet romance to give me all the hurt/comfort feels. It's really fabulous, and you should do yourselves a favor and go check it out now. You will not regret it, I promise!

Seriously, GO!


Mar. 20th, 2017 04:26 pm
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I've finally caught up on [ profile] hp_goldenage's Salt and Pepper Fest, so here, have some recs!

Inevitable Harry/Ron, by Anon [ profile] llaeyro, NC-17, ~4K.

Beautifully tender and sweet fic, featuring an omnisexual Ron and a gay just for his BFF Harry.
Their comfort with and care for each other is woven seamlessly throughout, and the sweet hesitancy is lovely. Of course then comes the hot sex, which... yeah, baby.
Even if this isn't your pairing, give it a try, I don't think you'll regret it.

Settle James Sirius/Teddy, by Anon [ profile] mindabbles, NC-17, 9300.

James is a perpetual bachelor, mainly because he can't seem to find the right person. Meanwhile, Teddy is divorced, and they're friends, and James figured they missed their chance, except...maybe not? This is bittersweet and lovely, the cast of characters are beautifully written, and the sex is just gorgeous. Go read now!

Night Changes Harry/Draco, by Anon [ profile] writcraft, NC-17, 10,600 words.

You need to read this gorgeously characterized story if you like this pairing even a little. Draco is snarky and vulnerable, and trying so hard, and Harry is just as broken in his own way, it just takes him a while to figure out what he wants, and it's gloriously poetic and lyrical and bittersweet and amazing. (And that was one run-on sentence, wasn't it? *sigh*) Just go read! *shoos*

Things Grow Finer With Age Harry/Draco, by Anon [ profile] carpemermaid, art, PG.

This art featuring hilarious scenes of Harry and Draco's life together, and Draco's attempts to master Muggle tech is fun and sweet, and the details make the piece. I dare you to look at this and not smile. :)

This is but a small sampling of the offerings there, and there's something for everyone, so chack it out and leave the creator some love, will you? ♥
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 10

In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Hm. This is an unexpectedly tough one. There are lots of tropes and kinks I like.
For example, I adore cross-dressing (especially skirtporn), semi-public sex, desk sex, gloves, glasses...
So, I'm not going to talk about any of that, LOL. I'm going to talk about first times )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 5

In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

OMG, I am so behind on fests, it's crazy.
But I have also been reading frantically, so I shall rec from what I have read/seen. Please realize that this doesn't mean that the other stuff isn't reccable, just that I haven't got to it yet!

From [ profile] hd_erised

Lumos by Anon [ profile] birdsofshore, 42K, NC-17, Harry/Draco.

The dialogue in this fic is stellar, as is the mutual wanking (yes, you read that right). And Harry's inner thoughts are perfect and utterly hysterical. Also, I'm a sucker for original magic, and this story hit that button perfectly. Really lovely tale with gorgeous characterizations and did I mention the dialogue? Also, Draco's trunk hilariously steals the show. *giggles*

Weed or Wildflowers by Anon [ profile] lq_traintracks and [ profile] sdkshelly, 17.5K, NC-17, Harry/Draco.

Another fic where the dialogue makes it. Can you tell I have a thing for snark? *g*
Draco and Harry keep getting set up on dates together, and after a while they start to like it. Not that Draco's about to admit that. The supporting characters are great, the premise fun, and the sex, sizzling.

Rainy Days and Grimoires by Anon [ profile] 8c, art, HarryDraco.

Gorgeous color scheme is gorgeous. Also, the premise is sweet, and there's an absolutely delicious kiss. And books! Also Draco's robes, Harry's hair, Draco's braid. Go look just to see Draco's braid. LOL.

Breakfast is for Eating in by Anon [ profile] anokaba, art (NSFW), Harry/Draco.

Make sure you're alone when you click on this because whoa nelly, it's sizzling. Let's just say Harry's choice of breakfast is...unorthodox. *g* Also, the color scheme (one you get around to noticing that) is wonderfully warm, and then there's the sock. Dudes, that sock is just...*bites fist* Go look.

From [ profile] hoggywartyxmas

An Excellent Choice by Anon [ profile] shadowycat, art, Severus/Minerva, PG-13.

This depicts a lovely, tender, and intimate moment between lovers, although I'm pretty sure Severus is paying less attention to the book and more to Minerva's cleavage. *g* Wonderfully drawn, their hair is great, and the textures are practically touchable. Beautiful work!

Great Balls of Snow by Anon [ profile] sigune, art, Minerva, Severus, assorted others, Gen.

Delightfully charming art and story depicting an annual and ongoing winter competition between Minerva and Severus. If you click on nothing else on this list, see this. It's superb.

Friends, Teachers, Countrymen by Anon [ profile] hiddenhibernian, 3700, Severus, others, R.

This story made me shiver and sigh, sob and laugh. It's a beautiful imagining of Severus' holidays and the gifts he gives his friends, even when they cannot know they have received them. Bittersweet, poignant, and heartbreaking tale.

From [ profile] mini_fest

Warm Christmas Magic by Anon [ profile] shadowycat, art, Minerva, Gen.

Beautiful warm colors and fabulous line work make this piece cosy and warm. I love Minerva's sweater and I can practically smell the hot chocolate. Yum. :)

Dashing Through the Snow by Anon [ profile] akatnamedeaster, art, Sirius and Buckbeak, G.

Everything about this depicts joy and happiness and winter cheer. Especially the looks on their faces as they 'dash'. And I love the sense of movement the artist conveys. Wonderful work! :)

And remember, if you see/read something you like, leave some love, yes?
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More fic has posted for me!
I must have been good this year. ;)

First, the oh so prolific [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me gifty fic this holiday! Gay, Happy Meetings is sweet Harry/Draco, a part of her Yuletide 'Verse.

Then [ profile] lomonaaeren very generously wrote my OTP, Snarry, in Rebirth of the Fire, a gorgeous, sensual tale about Severus introducing Harry to Yule traditions.

And finally, I got an incredible gift at [ profile] hoggywartyxmas.
A Term of Endearment is a beautiful study of the complex and often irreverent relationship between Severus and Minerva, spanning Severus' joining Hogwarts' staff to the second war, with a dash of my OTP at the end for good measure. It's wonderful and, as far as I'm concerned, it's my new headcanon.
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So I have been crazy busy, but that is no excuse for not mentioning the following lovely things.

First, the incredibly talented [ profile] mywitch drew gorgeous Snarry art for me. Snogging Under the Mistletoe is, as advertised, Snarry kissing. It's dreamy, romantic, and fabulous. Thank you, dear one! <3

In addition, my [ profile] hd_erised gift posted! It's called Candyman, and it's got competition, pining, and the most delicious descriptions of decadent sex desserts I've ever red. Oh, and the sex is yummy, too. ;) Go check it out!

Also, the lovely [ profile] lutienlovemagic has posted their Hungarian translation of my Adventdrabbles13 series. The title is Adventi egypercesek 2013 and the first chapter is Esti mese. So exciting!

And finally, the utterly delightful [ profile] cordeliadelayne wrote me Snarry! Kitchen Disaster is a tender, loving piece of Holiday Snarry. I just love Harry's desire to do something special for Severus, and Severus' reaction is perfect. <3

Thank you all! You rock like rocking things. ♥
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So the [ profile] hptimetravel fest just posted their anonymous masterlist, and in an attempt to make up for being a bad participant (I was traveling during the bulk of the fest, albeit not through time, LOL), I am presenting just a few submissions that I especially enjoyed. Time travel is one of my very favorite HP tropes, so if you like it, too, do go and check out some of the offerings!


Hope By Anon [ profile] hikarievandar, Regulus and Sirius, PG-13, 5800 words.

Ignore the slight incesty overtones, this one is all about setting things right.
Regulus performs a clever bit of magic, giving himself a second chance to fix the error he made in joining the Death Eaters in the first place. But, to make things work, he needs help, and who best to ask but family? Sirius' reaction is perfect, as is the sense of hope this story leaves you with.

Happily Ever After By Anon [ profile] kittyaugust, Ginny/Luna, Ginny/Harry, Harry/Draco, T, 6500

This is the story of how Ginny decides to follow her heart and not do what's expected. And, as always in good fic featuring her, Luna is luminous and mesmerizing. I can't blame Ginny for falling for her! The magic is clever and fun, and Hermione is adorable and funny. Also, Draco has a great cameo.


Halfway By Anon [ profile] savagesnakes, G, Sirius, James, Remus, Teddy, Harry.

Absolutely beautifully executed panel with a stunning use of selective color depicting an intense little time traveling excerpt that raises a lot of questions even as it answers some others. And Teddy just breaks my heart.

If you spot something you enjoy, do leave the creator some love, yes?
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I managed to catch up on some reading yesterday (apparently my muse decided it was her day off :P) and thought I'd share a few things.
All of these are from [ profile] hprarefest's ongoing fest.
There's a ton of variety over there, BTW, so if you like rarepairs at all, do go and check it out.
Here's what I especially enjoyed.

An Inspection Most Thorough by Anon [ profile] cryptaknight, R, Ron/Pansy

Stuck-up pure-blood princess Pansy is, well, stuck with Auror Ron having to search her house for Dark artifacts. Awkward doesn't even begin to cover it, and yet they make the best of it. This Pansy is sassy and fun, this Ron is grown up and sexy. They remain IC and yet make things work, no mean feat! Great fic!

all manor of things by Anon [ profile] segundite, PG-13, James Sirius/Teddy

This features a fun, unique plot, a great choice of career for James (and Teddy, LOL), all the clever banter you could wish for, fun cameo appearances from the supporting cast, and lots of intrigue and excitement. Just all around fabulous writing.

The Weasley Reception by Anon [ profile] rillalicious, R, Charlie/Pansy

This Pansy is hilarious, and is having a distinctly bad work day. Until she meets a delicious, redheaded stranger, and then her day turns very enjoyable indeed. Alas, there are complications, made more hilarious by the fact that Pansy has no idea who she's picked up. The ending is sweet, and the chemistry between the two, sizzling.

les cousins dangereux by Anon [ profile] darkhairedgirl, PG-15, Albus Severus/Dominique

Talk about a rare pair! It's not explicit, but the longing is palpable and heartbreaking, and the way the scenes are cut together very effective. There is a gorgeous inevitability to this story that makes it difficult to read, yet difficult to look away from. I also adore the family relationships depicted. The Weasleys are an enormous family, and all those complicated relationships are beautifully handled.

Do go check out the fest, and if you enjoy something, don't hesitate to leave some love. <3
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OMG, you guys!
So I posted a Snarry drabble earlier (The Friendly Skies on LJ/IJ/DW) and the fabulous [ profile] mywitch drew art to go with it!
Run now and check out her delicious Scribble before coffee. It's PERFECT, although NSFW, and be sure to check out the grins on our favorite couple's faces. *g* They kinda match my beaming face at the moment, truth be told. ;)

Anyway, go and leave her all sorts of love, K?
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You guys!
So my [ profile] daily_deviant Banging Birthday gift just posted and it's glorious!

Love You A Long Time is 6300 words of Snarry deliciousness that everyone needs to read now now now.

It's heart clenching at first, Severus and Harry have broken up, but that soon gets fixed, and then it's all sexy, glorious feels and rimming and door sex and Severus is perfect and it's got all the things I love about Snarry. *heart eyes*

Seriously, this story is beyond fabulous!
Go now and read my fic and leave lots of love because the MA [ profile] writcraft totally deserves it. ♥
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...but today is not that day. :P
You guys! The happy things just keep coming. ;)

[ profile] llaeyro wrote me fic! A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action, Please is a delightful ficlet featuring a clever Harry and a somewhat unsure but willing to be convinced Severus. *g* Go read now and leave her some love!

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So [ profile] hp_goldenage's Salt and Pepper Fest just finished posted yesterday and I have a couple more recs if you're interested. Both fics this time.

  • Into Oblivion by Anonymous [ profile] llaeyro, Severus/Sirius, NC-17 (mind the warnings)

    I know, I know. What the hell is a fluff-lover like me doing reccing character death fic? Well, when it's as nuanced and sensitively written as this story it, it deserves to be recognized. This is what happens at the end of life, and Severus' heartbreaking honesty is beautifully moving here. My heart ached for both of them, for all they went through, but even in the misery, their love for each other shone through. Gorgeous writing!

  • Still Sounds Like a Song by Anonymous [ profile] writcraft, Harry/Draco, R.

    Love this Draco. He's just so deliciously snarky. And Harry is beautifully drawn as well. They are both so in love and finally ready to admit it and act on it and accept each other.
    This has beautiful, lyrical writing, with some heartbreak in it, but with a sweet, sexy finish that left me smiling.

    YMMV, but I think they have something for everyone there. Do go check it out and leave some love, yes?
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So I totally spaced! I meant to do this before but, alas, here I am at the last minute collating [ profile] daily_deviant recs.
What follows are the fics I haven't before recced that I always return to when I need a good, delicious, DD read.

Recs ahoy! )
And that's all I have time for at the moment.
Seriously though, there's something at [ profile] daily_deviant for everyone, so if these don't do it for you, go trawl through the tags there. I guarantee you'll find something yummy. <3
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For those who may be unaware, [ profile] hp_goldenage is currently posting their Salt and Pepper Fest. There have been some lovely offerings, so you should go check it out. Below are the offerings I especially enjoyed. :)


  • Love and Other Forms of Chaos, by Anonymous [ profile] lumosed_quill, Hermione/Millicent, Harry/Draco (ish), NC-17

    This is a beautifully written story in which Hermione comes to know herself better, and in which she starts to embrace chaos a bit more. I loved the OCs, like Rose, who was a delight, and Harry, who inadvertently helps Hermione discern her own mind. But Millicent steals the show. She is sharp, clever, perceptive, unapologetic, and just fabulous. I don't blame Hermione one bit for falling for her. Go read and you'll see what I mean.

  • Until Death Comes, by Anonymous [ profile] hiddenhibernian, George, Fred, PG-13

    Clever, clever plot in which George makes a deal he probably shouldn't have with someone he definitely shouldn't have, but desperate times, right? Only life is short, and he has to pay up far too soon. The somewhat ambiguous ending is actually perfect for this story. And I loved the reappearance of the fierce wartime Golden Trio. They are lovely.


  • Passing the Trowel, by Anonymous [ profile] shadowycat, Pomona, Neville, G.

    Beautiful scene where Pomona and Neville are working together in the greenhouse. Love the light in this piece and the plants and the beautifully detailed clothes (Neville's robes and tie), as well as their hair and the wrinkles on their faces. Clearly they both laugh and smile a lot. Oh! And there's a very playful vine, too. All in all, a delight!

Go forth, read/view, and comment! Comments are love. ♥

Yay, rec!

Feb. 1st, 2016 09:24 pm
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Do I have a rec for you guys!
It's from [ profile] severus_fest and it's a tad long, but it's worth every minute you spend on it.
The Beating of This Fragile Heart is a slow build, luscious Snarry in which Harry is gorgeously persistent and determined, Severus is his usual irascible self, and they come to find that they can't live apart. Severus won't let Harry tell anyone about the relationship. Until something tragic happens and Severus ends up letting the cat out of the bag. Their evolving relationship is beautifully handled, as are the reactions of Harry's friends. The ending is lovely and satisfying, and the sex is spectacular! *g*
Go now and read.


Jan. 26th, 2016 10:07 pm
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You guys!
So the wonderfully talented [ profile] mywitch did art for one of my fics: Come Along With Me (LJ/IJ/DW).
She even kinda put me in there as the barista, and she got it very right since this is pretty much how I'd be if I ever encountered Snarry IRL. *g*
Go and check it out now! And be sure to leave some love.
Sketch for Come Along With Me.
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I seem to be on a bit of a reccing streak these days. :)
Anyway, the following are from the recently concluded [ profile] smutty_claus and from [ profile] severus_fest, which is currently posting.


  • How The Matchmake Met Her Match by [ profile] katmarajade, George/Lavender, (NC-17)
    This is the absolutely hilarious story of Lavender the matchmaker and her unwitting client George. Lavender has his number at every turn, until he tries to turn the tables on her and they both end up with more than they bargained for. Lovely, sexy read.


  • Morning Glory by [ profile] glitter_pink, Neville/Lavender, (R)
    Beautiful, beautiful art depicting Neville leaning over a very lucky Lavender. This captures a gorgeously intimate moment between them.

  • Master Brewer by Anonymous [personal profile] shadowycat, Severus, (G)
    A lovely study of the master brewer at work. Check out his luscious robes and the intriguing potion he's decanting. Great piece.

  • Hitting the Mark by Anonymous [ profile] cabepfir, Severus, Eileen, (G)
    This watercolor depicts an intense moment between Severus and his mother, the revelation that he's a Death Eater. Eileen is not pleased, the expression on her face makes that clear, but Severus is defiant. This is beautifully depicted by their tense posture and facial expressions. I love the clear resemblance between them, the color scheme is prefect, and I can just see this scene unfolding. Gorgeous work.

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I believe I am now caught up on holiday fests, whee!
And since just about everything is about to have reveals, I thought I'd do one more recs posts while things are still anonymous. :)
These recs are from [ profile] hoggywartyxmas and [ profile] hd_owlpost, two fests I was relatively unfamiliar with until this year.
All of these recs are fics.

  • Bored of Governors by Anonymous [ profile] cranky__crocus, Minerva McGonagall, assorted others, PG-13
    This is gen fic of the best sort. There's politics, plotting, and a great cause. Everyone is beautifully characterized, and there's even a happy ending. A delightful read.

  • And a Malfoy in a Pear Tree by Anonymous [ profile] lauren3210, Harry/Draco, (Nc-17)
    Adorable story featuring smitten!Harry and suave and smitten!Draco who is his local barista who sometimes slips things into Harry's coffee. Like notes. And ~other things. *g* The supporting cast is perfect, the story sweet and sexy. Go and enjoy.

  • All Roads Lead Home by Anonymous [ profile] dracogotgame, Harry/Draco, (G)
    Beautifully crafted story about redemption and pain and love post war. Draco is drafted into spending Christmas with the Weasleys by the most unlikely of people. This is the fabulous story of what happens.

  • Four Weddings and a Triple Chocolate Fudge Cake by Anonymous [ profile] darkravenwrote, Harry/Draco, (soft M)
    This delightful story shows the progression of Harry and Draco's relationship through several weddings and is hilarious. The details are spot on and Draco is wonderfully calm and collected even as Harry is losing his mind. *giggles* A lot of fun.

  • Dapper by Anonymous [personal profile] writcraft, Harry/Draco, (NC-17)
    A hilariously antagonistic fic with Harry hating Draco for everything from his pointiness to his gorgeous dress sense. And yet there's something about him... This features a suave and sexy toppy Draco and a Harry who just may not hate Draco as much as he thinks. Oh, and the banter during sex? Perfection.

And that's it. Go out, read and enjoy, and if you encounter something you like, do leave some love. It makes the (fandom) world go round. *g*
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So now that Secret Snarry Swap is over, I've expanded my reading to include a fest I wasn't that familiar with: [ profile] hoggywartyxmas. What you see here are things I especially enjoyed from it, [ profile] hd_erised, and [ profile] mini_fest this week.
I'm still working my way through [ profile] hoggywartyxmas, so more recs may be forthcoming. And I've another fest on my radar now that the holiday season is over. *eyes [ profile] hd_owlpost*
Anyway, as always I urge you to go out, read, and rec. And of course, if you find something you enjoy, make sure to leave some love.


  • Incongruent by Anonymous [ profile] agentmoppet, Harry/Draco, [NC-17]
    An Eighth Year fic in which Umbridge is her usual evil self, Harry has to be shown the error of his assumptions, and Draco is and isn't himself. Everyone felt very much like their canon selves, almost scarily so at times and yet people seem to have learned from their mistakes (all except Umbridge, she never learns). A lovely story.

  • The Gift by Anonymous [ profile] lash_larue, Minerva McGonagall/Sybil Trelawney, (PG)
    A beautifully bittersweet story about the real reason Sybil acts as she does and how Minerva (and all her colleagues) come to see her for her true self and try to help her through her suffering. And the last line is fabulous. *g*


  • I want to be the first thing you touch in the morning by Anonymous [ profile] primea, Harry/Draco, [PG-13]
    A gorgeous piece of art featuring the play of light off Draco's naked back and Harry's face. This is worth it for Draco's back alone. :)

  • New Year's Kiss by Anonymous [personal profile] 8c, Pansy/Ginny, [G] (I'd say it's PG to be safe)
    Gorgeously romantic kiss in the snow. The curve of Pansy's arm as she pulls Ginny closer is a thing of beauty. Lovely work.

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I'm back with more recs from [ profile] hd_erised, [community profile] snape_potter's Secret Snarry Swap, and [ profile] mini_fest.
Swap is now complete, so do go and check out the Snarry if so inclined.
Also, as always, what follows are what I found especially enchanting. YMMV, so if you see something you like better, rec it!


  • Intimate Intimidation by Anonymous [personal profile] suitesamba, Severus/Harry, [NC-17]
    This hilarious story features a somewhat confused Harry who habitually embarrasses himself at the office Christmas party, and explains how his attempts to not do so again this year fail spectacularly. Fortunately, he doesn't care because sex god!Snape successfully distracts him (and us). *g* Go, read, and enjoy.

  • Picture Perfect by Anonymous [ profile] fulselden, Harry/Draco, [NC-17]
    An engaging mystery with well done OCs and a twist that I did not see coming. Filled with inventive magic, beautiful descriptions, and fabulous banter, the resolution of the mystery will leave you with your mouth hanging open, gripping the edge of your seat. And the resolution was brilliant. If you like lots of plot, some twists and turns, and some sweet sexy times, this one's for you.

  • Before You Leave by Anonymous [ profile] gryffindorj, Severus/Harry, [NC-17]
    Beautifully written, this story is atmospheric and sexy. The descriptions are perfect, it's sets the mood superbly and ends on a sweet, hopeful note.

  • All the Important Words Unspoken by Anonymous [ profile] blamebramptom, Harry/Draco, PG
    Set in 1899, this masterpiece is brilliantly written in the style of the time. Astoria and the OCs completely steal the show, although Draco and Harry are pretty wonderful, too. The plot is engaging, the nods to the era are clearly well-researched. A lovely, engrossing tale.

  • The Boy Who Believed in Magic by Anonymous [personal profile] writcraft, Severus/Harry, [NC-17]
    A gloriously sweet and sexy story in which Harry attends an anniversary celebration for Arthur and Molly and ends up having his own celebration with another attendee, the utterly sexy and enchanting Severus Snape. I certainly don't blame him. *g*


  • Late by Anonymous [ profile] citrus_lime, Harry/Draco, [R]
    Gorgeous glowing piece of art depicting sleepy morning sex. The light in this one is beautifully handled as are the boys, whose intertwined bodies need to be seen to be believed. Guh.

  • A Snapely Christmas by Anonymous [personal profile] shadowycat, Severus Snape, [R]
    Now this is a gift to us all, and although I think I know who I'd have unwrap it, I imagine we all have different ideas. *g* Check this out for the luscious hipbones alone.

  • Snowy Snogfest by Anonymous [ profile] mybutterflower, Harry/Draco, [PG]
    If you like have-to-have-you-now kisses in the snow, this is the piece for you. And don't miss the lovely details that round out this art.


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