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Happy Birthday to my dearest [personal profile] lilyseyes!

Many happy returns! ♥
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 11

In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Today I get to talk about my darling bb [ profile] lilyseyes!
If you're not in Snarry fandom, you prolly haven't heard of her since she writes primarily Severus/Harry or Severus and Harry.
What's the difference? Well, her Severus/Harry is delicious, happy, fluffy, sexy, usually with a side of expertly created plot and some sweet Mpreg, while her Severus and Harry is poignant and heartbreaking, usually featuring abused!baby Harry being rescued by Severus and adopted as his own. If you read any of these, have your tissues ready!
She has several ongoing fic series' in both these categories, although if you forced me to rec one it would be The Breathe Series, which is brilliant.
Also, she is a wonderfully steadfast friend, and a fabulous person all around. (And she could totally cosplay Draco. *g*)
Anyway, this is all to say, Lilyseyes ROCKS! <3
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I can haz Christmas cards! *bounces*

Thank you to [ profile] fairyniamh, [ profile] enchanted_jae (both of whom gave me Star Trek themed cards! <3), [ profile] dementordelta, [ profile] cruisedirector, and [ profile] lilyseyes for the Christmas cards!

They are all displayed on my mantel and give my home a very holiday feeling. *smooches*
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I always vow that I'll post as the con is going on so I won't forget anyone, and then of course I get caught up in events and it doesn't happen. *sigh*
Anyway, this is how things went down, at least as I recall them. I admit I may have been drinking, so... ;)
Oh, and if I forgot to mention you specifically, it's only because I didn't know your LJ name.

So I got there Wednesday )
Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday )
Sunday )
Monday )
And now I am suffering some serious con drop. I can't wait for Misti!
Also, for anyone who read all that, you deserve a reward. <3
If I forgot you, please know it wasn't deliberate, I was just a bit overwhelmed in a good way. (I just know I'll remember something as soon as I post this :P).

Anyway, I hope EVERYONE comes to Misti next May! Cons are awesome!

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Title: Heat Wave
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Summary: Harry sees Severus in a new light.
Word Count: ~3510
Warnings: None, really. Well, rimming, if that sort of thing bothers you. ;) Also, apologies for the unimaginative title. :P
A/N: Written for my darling [ profile] lilyseyes, in celebration of her birthday! Prompt(s) requested: heat wave. Happy Birthday, bb! ♥
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Heat Wave )
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to my darling
[personal profile] lilyseyes!

Many happy returns, bb! ♥
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For any who didn't know, [ profile] hp_halloween/[ profile] hp_halloween has posted and there's something there for everyone! From fluff to angst to horror to sweet romance, so go check it out!

As part of the fest I wrote a drabble for [personal profile] digthewriter called Appropriate Behaviour for Mixed Company featuring Molly and Sirius' observations of Harry/Draco and Charlie/Neville. *g*
And, hilariously, Dig wrote a sexy Drapery drabble for me called So Worth It.

And speaking of things people have written for me lately...
[ profile] lilyseyes wrote me a gorgeous drabble Rapturous Breath, [ profile] cordeliadelayne also recently wrote me Snarry (I didn't point to it before now, shame on me. It's called Back Home and it's delightful), and [ profile] torino10145 wrote me a fabulous Snarry drabble The Thinning of the Veil.

So, there's lots to read at the moment! Go check them out and leave them some love, yeah? ♥
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Sorry for the disappearance but I moved house this week and only just got internet back. (Thank you Lilyseyes for posting the Snarry 100 prompt for me *smooches*)

And I just realized that if you're not on my chemo filter you probably have no idea what has been going on with me. Oops.
stuff and things )
Hope everyone is doing okay. Sadly I haven't been able to keep up with posts, so if something critical is happening that you think I need to know about, please poke me.

And that's all I have right now. I plan to lounge in bed for a few more minutes then maybe tackle a box or two.
*hugs everyone*
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Title: Life's Simple Pleasures
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: R
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy.
Word Count: ~1500
Genre: Romance.
Warnings: Semi-public sex.
A/N: Written for my darling [ profile] lilyseyes's Birthday! Her prompt: simple pleasure.
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Life's Simple Pleasures )
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 photo 9kgf7clz5acm5qd24qu_zps97d636f8.gif

To my dearest bb,

[personal profile] lilyseyes!

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Thank you to [ profile] lilyseyes and to [ profile] felaine for the birthday cards!

It's been a rough week, so they gave me a much needed smile! Thanks for thinking of me, lovelies!



May. 20th, 2014 02:15 pm
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I forgot to mention this a couple of days ago when it happened, but the lovely [ profile] lilyseyes wrote me fic! Communicating is fabulous Snarry as only she can write it.
Go and check it out!

Thanks, bb!
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So I have been neglectful of my generous friends. :(

  • First, mah bb [ profile] lilyseyes wrote me a drabble ages ago that I forgot to pimp. *sheepish* Anyway, it's called Howling Mad and it's yummy Snarry as only Lily can write it. In addition, she also sent me a Serenity bracelet. And we all know how I need that in my life. ;) ♥

  • Also, the lovely and talented [ profile] rycolfan wrote me Snarry today! Sun Worship is delicious and very seasonally appropriate. ;) Go check it out. *g*

  • And, speaking of lovely and talented, my dearest [ profile] sassy_cissa sent me some of her world famous NUT ROLL! And OMG, it's delicious. *noms*

Thank you, bbs! You all make me smile so much! *loves*

Lucky me!

Mar. 6th, 2014 06:00 pm
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Eee! Thank you, [ profile] lilyseyes for the St Patrick's Day card!
It's adorable and so are you. *smooches*
Thank you, bb! ♥

For me!

Mar. 1st, 2014 01:35 pm
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Eee! My bb [ profile] lilyseyes wrote me fic!
Late Night is an update to her SIU 'verse (which you should totally read in its entirety btw), and features police investigation, an adorable baby, and, of course, sweet and hot Snarry!

Go read and enjoy! And of course, do leave her some love. :)
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Whee! My darling [ profile] lilyseyes wrote me fic!

If you're familiar with her SIU Series then run and read the latest update (for meeee!) Surprise Exchange, which features plotty intrigue and sizzling Snarry sex. And if you're not familiar with SIU then you're missing out and you need to go and rectify that right now. ;)

Thank you, bb! It made for the perfect bedtime story last night. *smooches*
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I know it's been a long week for many of us. Some have even had some devastating occurrences in their families. *hugs Flist tight*
So I for one am eagerly anticipating the weekend. Just one more day of work to survive and I can kick back, have a glass of wine and maybe write something. *sigh*

Anyway, it occurred to me that I've had people send me cards and write fic and I have not publicly thanked them, so...

♥ Thank you to [ profile] enchanted_jae for the postcard. "You Betcha" I loved it. ;)

♥ Thank you to [ profile] felaine for the pick me up card. You always know just what to say, sweetie!

♥ And last, but never least, thank you to my bff [ profile] lilyseyes for the delightful drabble she wrote for me, The Small Things. If you're at all familiar with Lily's writing you'll know this is sweet, tender and delicously sexy Snarry (as is all her fic). Go, read, and leave love. :)

Thank you, ladies! You're helped me survive a tough week.
And hugs to all out there who I know are dealing with truly horrible situations. *hugs and love*
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It's been a fab week for Snarry!

First, [ profile] torino10154 posted a drabble for me (another in the [ profile] fandomaid set she's been writing me all year). This one, The Saviour's New Clothes, features naked Harry. ;) Check it out!

Then, my darling [ profile] lilyseyes wrote the deliciously yummy This is it! for me. If you like sizzling hot smexing, go now!

And, finally, my bb [ profile] emynn wrote the adorably fun What Snape Did For Love, which is ridiculously clever and makes me smile every time. Run, don't walk!

Thanks so much, ladies! And of course, be sure to leave them lots of love so they'll continue to create fabulous Snarry for us, k? *g*
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Whee! So [ profile] patolozka very kindly translated my recent ficlet Dream Job into Czech!
You can see it here: Vysněná práce.
What's especially cool is that it was originally a gift for [ profile] lilyseyes, and [ profile] patolozka recently translated one of her fics into Czech, too! *g*
Talk about things going full circle... ;)

Thank you, [ profile] patalozka (and congratulations again, [ profile] lilyseyes. *smooches*)
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So as many of you know, this has been a rough year personally and professionally, so I can't even tell you how much your outpourings of birthday love yesterday and today have meant to me. *hugs everyone*
I tried to keep track of everything but if I missed anyone or anything, poke me, all right? I was...kinda indulging with some martinis last night, so the vision may not have been too on the ball. ;)

♥ For the Personal Messages, thank you to: [ profile] dacro (who was even early *g*), [ profile] megyal, [ profile] bibliophile41, [ profile] lapetite_kiki, [ profile] julesdrenages, [ profile] rycolfan, [ profile] timetiger, [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] piratesmile331, [ profile] dreamingjewel, [ profile] celestlyn, [ profile] dawnlett( who even SANG to me!), and my dearest [ profile] nursedarry.

♥ Thanks to my darling [ profile] emynn who sent me a cheerful birthday text. *smooches*

♥ I got emails from [ profile] melisande and [ profile] sevfan (that must be a beta thing. ;)) Thank you, ladies!

♥ There were Posts/Comments from: [ profile] shadowycat, [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach*mm Severus*, [ profile] saladbats, [ profile] 0idontknow0, [ profile] lijahlover*waits for cake*, [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] xterm, [ profile] facecat, [ profile] ggslash22, my dearest [ profile] sassy_cissa, [ profile] celandineb, and the lovely [ profile] ariadneelda. *smooches and glomps you all*

♥ My LJ profile is overflowing with birthday V gifts from: [ profile] nenne (who sent candy), the adorable [ profile] sdkshelly (balloons), [ profile] veritas03 sent a fur heart *cuddles it and her*, [ profile] sra_danvers (a gorgeous orchid), [ profile] sazula and [ profile] centaury_squill both sent chocolate cupcakes (do they know me or what?), and my darling [ profile] sassy_cissa sent everything (party hat, candy, chocolate cupcake, and a martini *g* this woman clearly knows me). Thank you, all!

♥ My bbs [ profile] lilyseyes and [ profile] sassy_cissa kept the local florists busy by sending flowers and Lily even send edible arrangements as well. *tackles and smooches*

♥ Some anon bunny even gifted me with an LJ paid account extension! Thank you so much!

♥ I got birthday cards from [ profile] felaine and [ profile] lilyseyes. *hugs* You both made me tear up!

♥ And I got some simply gorgeous E-cards from: [ profile] red_day_dawning (I've watched it several times now), [ profile] demikiss (OMG, how did you know exactly which cake I would have picked?), and [ profile] fairyniamh (perfect card was perfect). Thank you all. They made me smile. *hugs*

♥ And last but never least, I got FIC:
[personal profile] pekeleke wrote When Happiness Approaches, a gorgeously tender Snarry drabble.
[ profile] accioslash wrote Small Blessings, a sweet little Snarry ficlet that showcases Seevrus' capacity for great love.
[ profile] soleo_lion wrote me Bravely Facing Forward, more sweet Snarry (are you sensing a theme?)
[ profile] lutienlovemagic posted Gifts for me, and a real gift it is, too. :)
[ profile] myk_myk made me giggle with Not a Good Present, which is delightfully naughty.
[ profile] torino10154 wrote Romantic Getaway, which, as the title suggests, is sweetly and sexily romantic Snarry.
My BFF [ profile] lilyseyes wrote A Surprise Birthday, a story from one of my very favorite universes of hers, featuring plot, danger, excitement and a fluffy and tender ending that will make you grin. ♥
And finally, [ profile] enchanted_jae posted the completion of the H/D half-drabble she started on my half birthday back in February. It's called Big Secret Part 2 and it is, of course, adorable. And for the hilarious history of our half-drabble tradition, check out this post.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. *smooches*

I'm sure I missed seeing something somewhere, so feel free to let me know what/where and I will acknowledge your thoughtfulness, which I really do appreciate. It's likely that there will be a few more of these posts before the month is out, however, (I've decided to celebrate all month this year since 2013 owes me). *g*



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