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I got more birthday pressies, you guys!

The always fabulous [personal profile] enchanted_jae wrote me Regrettable Decision 8, a fun H/D fic in which Draco drives Harry crazy. *g*

I also got a gorgeous Ruby heart V-gift, from [personal profile] kitty_fic!

And I got a birthday card post from [personal profile] mrs_sweetpeach!

Thank you, all! You gave me a huge smile. <3
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You guys! *feels loved*

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! I feel so special. <3

*smooches [ profile] tootiredtosleep, [ profile] minuial_nuwing, [personal profile] torino10154, [personal profile] shadowycat, [ profile] cordeliadelayne, [ profile] draycevixen, [ profile] kikimay, [ profile] brumeier, [ profile] divertazsc, [ profile] kellychambliss, and [ profile] lijahlover for the festive journal posts* ♥

*huggles [ profile] brumeier for my Snarry manip art* ♥

*twirls [personal profile] lilyseyes and [personal profile] digthewriter for the birthday cards* ♥

*snuggles [ profile] sassy_cissa, [personal profile] torino10154, and [personal profile] lilyseyes for the YIM messages* ♥

*glomps [personal profile] adafrog, [ profile] red_day_dawning, [ profile] vengeance_on_ice, [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] orlando_switch, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] ely_baby, [personal profile] nia_kantorka, [personal profile] lq_traintracks, [personal profile] lightofdaye, [personal profile] sdk, [ profile] thegrimmscully, [ profile] zeitgeistic, [ profile] timetiger, [ profile] enablelove, [personal profile] fantasyfiend09, and [ profile] writcraft for the delightful private messages* ♥

*nuzzles [ profile] sevfan and Melisande for the emails*

*sends virtual chocolates to [ profile] mywitch and [profile] lilyeseyes for my HP themed pressies* ♥

*tosses confetti over [personal profile] enchanted_jae for completing my half-birthday, half-drabble* It's called Alternative News 2 and it's adorable!
If you're interested in the history behind our yearly half drabble thing, you can see what happened in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

In addition, thank you to everyone who commented to with me a happy birthday. *smooches*
If I somehow missed anyone's post, slap me and send me a link, okay? I tried to go back and double check, but it's entirely possible I didn't see everything. ♥

Thanks so much, everyone! *loves*
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So even though my birthday is long gone, I am still getting pressies!

[ profile] enchanted_jae wrote Take the Cake, a delicious (heh) H/D fic.

[ profile] torino10154 wrote It's the Company a sexy, sweet Snarry.

The delightful [ profile] demicus sent the loveliest E-card. *dances*

And, while it wasn't for my BD, it was nevertheless a gift: [ profile] articcat621 wrote Not So Unrequited, a yummy Kingsley/Hermione fic for me!

Thank you, all! *glomps*
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I know I'm weeks late, but I'm finally home (with access to reliable internet) so I can now thank everyone for the many birthday greetings and gifts!

Thanks to [ profile] nenne, [ profile] enablelove, [ profile] trixiedoodlebug, [ profile] bleedingangel84, [ profile] nia_kantorka, [ profile] kitty_fic, [ profile] anemonen, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] fantasyfiend09, [ profile] gracerene, [ profile] divertazsc, [ profile] timetiger, [ profile] lapetite_kiki, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] cabinetcaligari, [ profile] shadowycat, [ profile] amorette, and [ profile] sra_danvers for the birthday private messages.

Thanks to [ profile] lijahlover, [ profile] theimpossiblegl, [ profile] celandineb, [ profile] torino10154, [ profile] adelarchersnape, [ profile] cordeliadelayne, [ profile] minuial_nuwing, [ profile] koshweasley, [ profile] lenaa1987, [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] helenarickman (complete with random links and the BD turtle!), [ profile] brumeier, and [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach for the awesome birthday posts.

Thanks also to [ profile] birdsofshore for the bottle of sparkle Vgift, to [ profile] sdkshelly for the chocolate cupcake Vgift, and to [ profile] lq_traintracks for the martini (yum!) Vgift! Those always make me smile. :)

Thank you to the fabulous [ profile] enchanted_jae for my drabblet All Over Again, part 2 (which is the second half of my 2016 birthday drabble) For more information on this tradition, see what happened in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Thank you to the delightful [ profile] _melodic_ for my birthday ficlet Birthday Cake, which is delicious Snarry!

Plus, I got Art!
Thanks to [ profile] mywitch for my Snarry Birthday card, to [ profile] llaeyro for her creation, Distraction and to [ profile] kellychambliss, who drew me a Snarry card!

In addition, thank you to everyone who commented to with me happy birthday wishes. *smooches*
Also, if I somehow missed anyone's post, slap me and send me a link, okay? I tried to go back and double check, but it's entirely possible I didn't see something. ♥

Thanks, everyone! *muah*

Mah Day

Aug. 10th, 2016 03:04 pm
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Hey, all!
Just checking in long enough to say thank you for all the birthday wishes. *smooches*

Also, I had a fabulous day, which I shall tell you all about in detail prolly tomorrow since it's now night here and I'm exhausted.
But, long story short, I got to meet the utterly delightful [ profile] smirkingcat and we had lunch and chatted and she even gave me a quick tour of her city, so it was a fabulous fandom day.

More later! Must sleep now. Zzzzzzz.

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It's still August (barely), so I can still thank people for birthday pressies, yes?/yes. :)

Thank you to [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach for the birthday post, to [ profile] megyal for the sweet message, and to all those who sent me cards including [personal profile] adafrog, [ profile] nia_kantorka (who sent cards and art!), [ profile] besamislabios, [ profile] magnetic_pole, [ profile] vengence_on_ice and my darling, [ profile] sevfan (along with Snarry art!).

And finally, thank you to my dearest [ profile] sassy_cissa for the gorgeous flowers. Seriously, bb, they get prettier every day.

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So I owe everyone a huge update on ~stuff, but first, let's discuss the fun happy things. I promise a RL update tomorrow.
So, let's discuss Birthday pressies! *g*

I got so many fabulous messages and love notes and gifts you guys, thank you so much! And if I missed anyone's message or post or pressie, please just poke me as I am a bit distracted these days. *smooches*
Anyway. Seriously, look at my bounty )
And those pressies don't even take into account the snuggly blanket [ profile] sevfan sent me *cuddles her*, and the flowers, cards, and edible arrangement from [ profile] lilyeyes.

You guys, I feel completely spoiled, so thank you!

OH! And last but never least, this gift from the fabulous [ profile] capitu totally made me cry, so I'm sharing so you can all tear up with me. ♥

 photo 73540_original_zpsupcbbqti.jpg
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Eep! I forgot to point to my half-birthday drabble from [ profile] enchanted_jae!
Make it a Double is a fun (so far) H/D micro-drabble.
For those who don't know, Jae and I have a running gag where she writes me a half-drabble on my half birthday, and since my birthday is in August, February is my half-birthday month. :)

Anyway, go and read my half-drabble gift and leave half a comment. *g*
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And this is why I love my friends, the birthday gifts just keep on coming!

First, my darling [ profile] sassy_cissa sent me flowers in the most adorable ladybug pot.

The, the very sweet [ profile] kitty_fic sent mw the most adorable Vgift *cuddles cuddly teddy bear in a box*

And finally, the lovely [ profile] digthewriter created fic and art for me! In other words, hold my hand is a beautifully fluffy and sweet H/D, and the art, which features the boys holding hands, made me smile.

Thank you, dears! You all rock. ♥
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My birthday was lovely this year, thanks to you guys! I think I spotted all the greetings on various platforms, but if I missed something, do poke me.

First, [ profile] lilyeyes sent me gorgeous flowers featuring gerber daisies, my fave.

Then, she and [ profile] felaine sent me cards.

And then the love really started rolling in.

For the Birthday Private Messages, thank you to [ profile] shadowycat, [ profile] orlando_switch, [ profile] writcraft, [ profile] enablelove, [ profile] lapetite_kiki, [ profile] capitu, [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] daleah, [ profile] megyal, [ profile] themostepotente, [ profile] dreamingjewel, [ profile] iwao, and [ profile] la_mariane. ♥

Thanks to my dearest [ profile] DarryWillis/[ profile] nursedarry for the BD tweet!

Thank you, dear [ profile] demikiss for the E-card. *loves*

I also got V gifts! [ profile] fancypantsdylan gifted me with a bear and candy (at first I though it was beer and candy *giggles*), [ profile] nenne sent a box of candy, [ profile] birdsofshore sent a chocolate cupcake, [ profile] centaury_squill also sent chocolate cake (is it me or is there a theme here?), and [ profile] timetiger sent a baby otter - squee! Thank you all so much!

I also Birthday posts/comments from [ profile] emynn (I'm holding you to your promise, bb! ♥), [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach, [ profile] brumeier, [ profile] draycevixen, [ profile] knowmefirst (with the sexiest Blaise Zabini I have ever seen. Unf!), [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] joidianne4eva, this utterly fabulous Snape from [ profile] kellychambliss, [ profile] lijahlover, [ profile] minuial_nuwing, [ profile] tootiredtosleep, [ profile] cordeliadelayne, [ profile] tehomet, [ profile] felaine, [ profile] mindabbles, [ profile] djin7, [ profile] zeitgeistic, [ profile] fengirl88 and, [personal profile] psyfic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And last but never least I got fic!

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Thank you to [ profile] lilyseyes and to [ profile] felaine for the birthday cards!

It's been a rough week, so they gave me a much needed smile! Thanks for thinking of me, lovelies!

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It means that the inimitable [ profile] enchanted_jae has written me my customary half-birthday half drabble. ♥

This year her cliffhanger is as evil and cliffhanger-y as always.

The Other Bloke features Harry and Draco and...dundundun...another man. We don't know who he is yet, but we'll find out in August I guess.
In the meantime, you all get to languish and wonder with me.
Thank you, Jae! *giggles*

(For more information on this 'tradition' of ours see 2011's micro-drabble here, 2012's micro-drabble here, and 2013's micro-drabble here).
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The lovely and generous [ profile] dementordelta and [ profile] cruisedirector sent me pressies for mah birfday!
And OMG they were perfect.
You guys, they sent me LOLcat magnets! Eeeee!


Thank you so much, bbs! *smooches and loves*
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I have more birthday pressies!

♥ First, a special thank you to everyone for the outpouring of birthday wishes in PMs and comments. *glomps everyone*

♥ Thank you to [ profile] leela_cat for the fabulous chocolate torte Vgift. Festive user page is festive! And delicious. *g*

♥ Thank you to [ profile] roelliej, [ profile] starduchess and [ profile] minuial_nuwing for their birthday posts. *huggles*

♥ Also, the incredibly prolific [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me a story. *g* Peach on Earth is sweet, sexy, peachy yumminess in fic form. Go check it out if you enjoy sexy H/D (and who doesn't?)!

♥ And OMG, OMG, my darling [ profile] emynn wrote me a Snarry fic, and an epic fic it is, too! To Create a Masterpiece is, well, a masterpiece. Filled with drama, mystery, a perfect dollop of h/c, and, of course, sweet Snarry smexing, it is a MUST READ. Go now and be sure to leave her some love. She deserves it!

Thank you all so much! You rock! *smooches*
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So as many of you know, this has been a rough year personally and professionally, so I can't even tell you how much your outpourings of birthday love yesterday and today have meant to me. *hugs everyone*
I tried to keep track of everything but if I missed anyone or anything, poke me, all right? I was...kinda indulging with some martinis last night, so the vision may not have been too on the ball. ;)

♥ For the Personal Messages, thank you to: [ profile] dacro (who was even early *g*), [ profile] megyal, [ profile] bibliophile41, [ profile] lapetite_kiki, [ profile] julesdrenages, [ profile] rycolfan, [ profile] timetiger, [ profile] birdsofshore, [ profile] piratesmile331, [ profile] dreamingjewel, [ profile] celestlyn, [ profile] dawnlett( who even SANG to me!), and my dearest [ profile] nursedarry.

♥ Thanks to my darling [ profile] emynn who sent me a cheerful birthday text. *smooches*

♥ I got emails from [ profile] melisande and [ profile] sevfan (that must be a beta thing. ;)) Thank you, ladies!

♥ There were Posts/Comments from: [ profile] shadowycat, [ profile] mrs_sweetpeach*mm Severus*, [ profile] saladbats, [ profile] 0idontknow0, [ profile] lijahlover*waits for cake*, [ profile] dreamy_dragon73, [ profile] xterm, [ profile] facecat, [ profile] ggslash22, my dearest [ profile] sassy_cissa, [ profile] celandineb, and the lovely [ profile] ariadneelda. *smooches and glomps you all*

♥ My LJ profile is overflowing with birthday V gifts from: [ profile] nenne (who sent candy), the adorable [ profile] sdkshelly (balloons), [ profile] veritas03 sent a fur heart *cuddles it and her*, [ profile] sra_danvers (a gorgeous orchid), [ profile] sazula and [ profile] centaury_squill both sent chocolate cupcakes (do they know me or what?), and my darling [ profile] sassy_cissa sent everything (party hat, candy, chocolate cupcake, and a martini *g* this woman clearly knows me). Thank you, all!

♥ My bbs [ profile] lilyseyes and [ profile] sassy_cissa kept the local florists busy by sending flowers and Lily even send edible arrangements as well. *tackles and smooches*

♥ Some anon bunny even gifted me with an LJ paid account extension! Thank you so much!

♥ I got birthday cards from [ profile] felaine and [ profile] lilyseyes. *hugs* You both made me tear up!

♥ And I got some simply gorgeous E-cards from: [ profile] red_day_dawning (I've watched it several times now), [ profile] demikiss (OMG, how did you know exactly which cake I would have picked?), and [ profile] fairyniamh (perfect card was perfect). Thank you all. They made me smile. *hugs*

♥ And last but never least, I got FIC:
[personal profile] pekeleke wrote When Happiness Approaches, a gorgeously tender Snarry drabble.
[ profile] accioslash wrote Small Blessings, a sweet little Snarry ficlet that showcases Seevrus' capacity for great love.
[ profile] soleo_lion wrote me Bravely Facing Forward, more sweet Snarry (are you sensing a theme?)
[ profile] lutienlovemagic posted Gifts for me, and a real gift it is, too. :)
[ profile] myk_myk made me giggle with Not a Good Present, which is delightfully naughty.
[ profile] torino10154 wrote Romantic Getaway, which, as the title suggests, is sweetly and sexily romantic Snarry.
My BFF [ profile] lilyseyes wrote A Surprise Birthday, a story from one of my very favorite universes of hers, featuring plot, danger, excitement and a fluffy and tender ending that will make you grin. ♥
And finally, [ profile] enchanted_jae posted the completion of the H/D half-drabble she started on my half birthday back in February. It's called Big Secret Part 2 and it is, of course, adorable. And for the hilarious history of our half-drabble tradition, check out this post.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. *smooches*

I'm sure I missed seeing something somewhere, so feel free to let me know what/where and I will acknowledge your thoughtfulness, which I really do appreciate. It's likely that there will be a few more of these posts before the month is out, however, (I've decided to celebrate all month this year since 2013 owes me). *g*

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Thank you to my darling [ profile] lilyseyes, who today, sent me flowers for my birthday! *glomps and twirls her*
It's been a rough few weeks (as some of you know) so anything that gives me a smile is appreciated.
Your gesture means more to me that you can possibly know, bb. ♥

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Thank you, [ profile] felaine for the early birthday card! *hugs*
Pretty butterflies are pretty and gave me a huge smile! ♥
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So I just posted today's birthday post, and, speaking of birthdays, today is my HALF-Birthday. ;)

As has become her custom, [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me a HALF-Drabble to celebrate my half birthday. *g*
You can read it here: Big Secret

If you'd like a giggle, stop by and check it out.
I imagine she'll be posting the second half on my FULL-Birthday. ;)

Edit: Just so you can see how this all evolved, here are the links to my half gifts for 2011 and 2012.
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I am trying hard to cling to good things today *glares at new, completely unintuitive computer system* and it occurs to me that I have neglected to point to some lovely ficly Birthday pressies I've recently received. *smacks self*

First, [ profile] angela_snape wrote me Taking the Next Step, a fabulous pre-Snarry featuring bold!Harry. Mmmm, how I love him. :)

Then today I saw that the always delightful [ profile] emynn wrote me a follow up to her (previously recced) cupcake fic Love and (Cupcake) War. It's called The Icing on the Cake and features deliciously hot Snarry, hurt/comfort, insecure!Severus, and, of course, a totally determined and stubborn Harry. Go read now!

Thanks also to those of you who have sent me birthday messages since my original birthday post. You all rock!
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Thank you to everyone for all the lovely and generous birthday wishes!
I'm sure I've missed acknowledging greetings or posts from someone (it seems to happen every year) so feel free to poke me/point me if I forgot to mention you. :)

First, thank you to [ profile] veritas03, [ profile] geneva2010, [ profile] phonixfeder, [ profile] enablelove, [ profile] katelinmr, [ profile] besamislabios, [personal profile] septentrion, [ profile] njphelps, [ profile] xterm, [ profile] marianna_merlo, [ profile] megyal, [ profile] yenny2206, and [ profile] drarry_lover for the sweet and thoughtful Birthday Private Messages. *glomps and ♥*

Thanks also to [ profile] majmunka, [ profile] snapelike, [ profile] goldylost, [ profile] themostepotente, [ profile] totiredtosleep, [ profile] silentflux, [ profile] accioslash, [ profile] adafrog, [ profile] centaury_squill[ profile] sdk, [ profile] majmunka, [ profile] mindabbles, [ profile] demikiss, [ profile] aeryun, [ profile] emynn, [ profile] cordeliadelayne, [ profile] cruisedirector, [ profile] djin7, [ profile] valkyriekat_47,[ profile] dementordelta, [personal profile] ariadneelda, [ profile] hambares, [ profile] mordyn4, [personal profile] kabal42, and [ profile] roozetter (a BD tweet, OMG!) for the Birthday greetings in various places and media. ♥

My dear [ profile] sevfan and [ profile] melisande431 sent me Birthday emails. *smooches* There must be something about being a beta reader that makes one do that... ;) *smooches*

And, thanks also to the following for their very festive and often glittery Birthday posts: [ profile] minuial_nuwing, [ profile] 0idontknow0, [ profile] celandineb (on all 3 journals!), [ profile] lijahlover (mmm cake), [ profile] ladybahiya (mmmm, man and cake, fabulous combination - and on two journals!), [ profile] saladbats (stares at graphics *g*), [ profile] ms_sweetpeach, and [ profile] unbroken_halo (ooh, glittery red rose is blingy!).

I also got some lovely Vgifts to prettify my LJ user page from [ profile] midnitemaraud_r (*pets the Sleeping Dragon*), [ profile] kitty_fic (Birthday Balloons!), [ profile] nenne (Tower of pressies, yay!), [ profile] dreamingjewel (Oooh, shiny pressies!), [ profile] sra_danvers( *sniffs the Basket of Flowers*), [ profile] carolinelamb (Mmm, Champagne), and [ profile] rycolfan (Shiny pile of pressies is shiny!).

The always fabulous [ profile] enchanted_jae wrote me thing! First, she posted the second half to my half drabble from my half BD in February (don't ask - it's a 'thing' we do). It's called The Answer. Do check it out, although you should make sure to read the first half, well, first. *g* Also, she wrote me a sizzling hot fic featuring a very sexy Draco. It's part of her Club Coquetter Series and if you're not familiar with this 'verse, you should spend some time ad catch up. For me she wrote Teasing Torment, which you can find on LJ or IJ. Thank you, Jae!

And, finally, the Snarry sister of my heart, my darling [ profile] lilyseyes did a birthday post, a fic - Blindsided (which she posted in the Summer of Snarry fest) and, well, she gave me a gorgeous Pandora bracelet. *is still in awe* Thank you, bb! I am lucky to have you in my life. ♥

And again, seriously, if I missed anyone, please poke me. I'm away from home at the moment and internet is spotty, so if i did miss you, it's not deliberate. *blows kisses* ♥

Edit: Oh, FFS. [ profile] sassy_cissa, OMG! She totally rocked my BD, came to get me at the airport, took me to dinner AND gave me the gift of her company and a pressie. *smacks self* I love you, honey. Forgive me? ♥


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