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Okay, I've finally got my act together enough to do this yearly wrap up post.
I'm following the same template I have for the past couple of years (thanks again to [personal profile] gracerene for letting me gack it). *g*

January: 40069

  • Yule Feast (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1095), PG, Severus/Harry]

  • Before Midnight (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1770), PG, Harry/Draco, Luna, Neville, Hermione, Ron]

  • Late Advent Celebration (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1115), NC-17, Harry/Draco]

  • How to Give Socks and Influence Elves (and Pretty Professors) (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (8680), PG, Severus/Hermione]

  • A Family Christmas (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (3100), PG, Andromeda, Harry/Draco, Teddy, Luna.

  • A Charitable Christmas (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (5720), NC-17, Harry/Draco]

  • Mistletoe Machinations (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic, (1740), PG, Harry/Draco]

  • Christmas Counselling (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble (1375), PG-13, Harry/Draco, OC]

  • Solving Problems (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1235), NC-17, Lucius/Severus, Narcissa/Lucius]

  • Domineering Dinner Party (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1095), PG, Severus/Harry]

Feb: 31912

  • Job Negotiation (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (2570), NC-17, Dolores/Nagini]

  • Sex and the Ministry (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2900), R, Harry/Draco]

  • Of Wit and Wisdom (LJ/IJ/DW)[Drabble/Fic (100 x 10), PG, Neville/Luna]

  • Worth the Wait (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (2100), NC-17, Harry/Draco]

  • Closet Date (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1030), R, Ron/Pansy]

  • The Veela Connection (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1300), PG, Draco/Harry]

  • Excuses, Excuses (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1700), PG, Harry/Draco]

  • Time Enough (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), PG, Harry/Severus, Ron/Hermione]

March: 30035

  • As Luck Would Have It (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1080), NC-17, Seamus/Draco]

  • Rescued (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 12), R, Draco/Harry]

  • The Dangerous Game (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1950), NC-17, Severus/Harry]

  • The Making of a Great Great-Grandfather (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (3890), R, Draco/Harry, assorted others]

  • Bitter Brew (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1900), R, Severus/Minerva]

  • Polishing the Emeralds (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble (1245), R, Harry/Draco]

  • Fiery Commemoration (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (3360), NC-17, Severus/Harry]

April: 22227

  • Future Luck (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2975), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

  • The Benefits of Watching (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) Fic, (1300), NC-17, Helena Ravenclaw/Hannah Abbott]

  • Birthday Bash (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1790), NC-17, George/Narcissa]

  • Five Tips for Brewing the Best Cup (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2250), PG, Gregory/Ernie]

  • Timely Warning (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1095), PG, Cormac/Tom Riddle Sr]

  • April Showers (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1680), NC-17, Harry/Draco]

May: 55413

  • Fits Like a Glove (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic 2050, NC-17, Neville/Percy]

  • Retail Therapy (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1600), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

  • The Dictaquill 3000 (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1020), PG-13, Harry/Severus]

  • Saving Malfoy (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1250), NC-17, Harry/Draco]

  • Love in the Stars (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1065), NC-17, Greg/Luna]

  • The After-Party (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), NC-17, Neville/Draco, Pansy]

  • The Tour (LJ/IJ/DW) Fic (1040), NC-17, Lucius/Narcissa]

  • Adding Some Excitement (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1220), R, Poppy/Hooch]

  • Down the Rat Hole (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1420), PG, Padma/Peter]

  • Let's Ride (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1030), NC-17, Harry/Severus]

  • The Convergence (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2390), PG, Pansy Parkinson, Erik Selvig]

  • The First Time (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1046), NC-17, Harry/Oliver]

  • Worthwhile (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1090), NC-17, Severus/Remus]

  • A Good Life (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1000), NC-17, Harry/Ron/Hermione]

  • The Wizengamot Club (DW/AO3) [Fic (11000), NC-17, Severus/Harry]

  • Worth It (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1680), PG, Fred, George, Parvati, Padma]

  • The Wolf Spider (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1045), NC-17, Bill/Remus]

  • Wild Ride (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1420), NC-17, Lily/James, Lily/Sirius, Lily James/Sirius]

  • Family Connections (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1421), NC-17, Viktor/Draco]

June: 42489

  • In The Garden Shed (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1415), NC-17, Charlie/Harry]

  • A Howling Good Time (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1328), NC-17, Remus/Tonks]

  • Tails Have It (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1540), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

  • Melding Magic (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1205), PG, Harry/Draco]

  • The Cure for Weasleys in the Manor (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1100), R, Severus/Lucius]

  • Lucking Out (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (2250), NC-17, James Sirius/Scorpius]

  • Romance at St Mungo's (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 12), R, Scorpius/James Sirius]

  • Romance at the Sorcerer's Brew (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1150), PG, Hermione/Blaise]

  • Playing Chess (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), PG, Harry/Severus, Ron]

  • Heart's Desire (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 30), PG, Draco/Harry]

  • Good For What Ails (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2860), NC-17, Severus/Harry]

  • Portrait Provocateur (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 12), NC-17, Harry/Severus, Albus]

  • Random Encounter (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1140), PG, Draco/Harry]

  • The Quest for a Good Gift (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1010), PG, Draco/Harry, Narcissa]

July: 33010

  • Unforgotten (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic, (100 x 10), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

  • Tea for Two (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 10), NC-17, Neville/Draco, Narcissa]

  • It's a Start (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), NC-17, Harry/Severus]

  • Weekend Sitter (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble (100 x 10), NC-17, Ginny/Gabrielle]

  • A Narrow Escape (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (2300), R, Harry/Severus, Minerva]

  • A Fresh Approach (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 10), R, Harry/Severus]

  • Inevitable (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1825), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

  • The Toy Store (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 11), PG-13, Hermione/Millicent]

  • Grabbing Love by the Throat (LJ/IJ/DW) [Drabble/Fic (100 x 10), NC-17, Draco/Harry, Blaise/Ron]

  • Misfit Managed (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), PG, Harry/Severus]

  • Birthday Season Celebration (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (2420), PG-13, Draco/Harry, Pansy]

  • Falling Lion, Hidden Dragon (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic, 1880, PG-13, Harry/Severus]

  • Drinking Happy Thoughts (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1400), R, Draco/Harry]

August: 13056

  • Roaming Their Way Home (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (5400), NC-17, Harry/Severus]

  • Ulterior Motives (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (1460), PG, Draco/Harry]

September/October/November: 8470 (this is when I fell down the Seekers Notes rabbit hole...)

  • Scandalising the Neighbours (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (1560), NC-17, Harry/Severus]

  • Duelling Techniques (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (1950), NC-17, Draco/Harry]

December: 33233

  • My Potter Boyfriend (LJ/IJ/DW) [Fic (3400), R, James Sirius/Scorpius, Albus Severus]

And here are the numbers broken down into stats.

Drabbles/ficlets posted in 2018: 314

Poems posted in 2018: 11

Fics posted in 2018: 82

And here's the big number

Total words posted in 2018: 313409 (352,925 last year)

That number's much lower than I hoped, and I have some ideas about how to bump up my numbers this year, ideas for which I will need your help. More on that in a bit, however. :)

Fests participated in during 2018: [ profile] hp_kinkfest, [ profile] bbtp_challenge fest, [ profile] hp_getlucky, [community profile] snape_potter's Snarry-a-Thon, [ profile] hp_goldenage's Salt and Pepper fest, [ profile] hp_may_madness, [community profile] rarepair_shorts's Number's Game, the [community profile] slashorific Fest, [community profile] intoabar, all the [ profile] firewhiskeyfics, [ profile] slythindor100's 25 Days of Christmas, [community profile] adventdrabbles, [community profile] dracoharry100's Christmas challenge, [ profile] hd_erised, and [ profile] hoggywartyxmas.

More stats are below:

My favorite stories this year:
A lot of the weird rarepairs I wrote. :)

Job Negotiation (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) [Fic (2570), NC-17, Dolores/Nagini]
*Even Dolores needs love.

The Benefits of Watching (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) Fic, (1300), NC-17, Helena Ravenclaw/Hannah Abbott]
*Ghosts appreciate sexy people, too.

Job Opening on LJ/IJ/DW Kingsley/Sirius, PG-13, 520.
*Sexy blokes are sexy.

Lost and Found on LJ/IJ/DW Bellatrix/Alecto, R, 520.
*Death Eater chicks are kinky.

Worth It on LJ/IJ/DW Fred & George, Padma & Parvati, PG, 1680.
*Weasley twins get up to mischief.

In The Garden Shed on LJ/IJ/DW Charlie/Harry, NC-17, 1415.
*Sexy Charlie is irresistible.

The Cure for Weasleys in the Manor on LJ/IJ/DW Severus/Lucius, R, 1100.
*Gotta love plotting Slytherins.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

None, really. Everyone's been lovely this year. <3

Hardest story to write:

I can't think of any from the above list, TBH, although I may have some to mention next year. ;)

Easiest story to write:

The DD rarepairs. :)

Favorite title(s):

How to Give Socks and Influence Elves (and Pretty Professors)

The Making of a Great Great-Grandfather

The Cure for Weasleys in the Manor

Grabbing Love by the Throat

Falling Lion, Hidden Dragon

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2018?

Any of the wacky rarepairs.

Story that could have been better?

None, really.

Did you take any writing risks this year? What did you learn from them?

Yes! I wrote poetry! *g*

What's next for 2018:

Write more, play less Seekers Notes! LOL.

I've once again signed up for [community profile] getyourwordsout this time I'm aiming for a more doable goal of 350K.

And that's that!

And now to ask for your help.
As is obvious from the list above, I do best in my writing goals when I have daily prompts (e.g. May Madness). So, I am planning to start Ali 365, a way for people to leave me inspiring pairings/prompts. Now, this won't be specific gifts for people, just a way for me to shake myself out of a slump when one occurs. What do you think?

Fingers crossed we all have a fabulous new year and that 2019 rocks! <3

Date: 2019-01-09 10:41 pm (UTC)
torino10154: Luna's patronus (Magic)
From: [personal profile] torino10154
I think if you hadn't fallen in that hole you might have got to 400K. 3 months if you'd even paced 30-35K as you did many of the months would have done that. Not 500, maybe but still. But I think you know that. ;)

I, of course, think Ali365 is a brilliant idea. :D Seriously, though, I really do. ♥

Date: 2019-01-10 12:18 am (UTC)
rebecca_selene: (Darren Hayes - change will come)
From: [personal profile] rebecca_selene
Ali 365 is an awesome idea!

Date: 2019-01-10 03:26 am (UTC)
gracerene: (Default)
From: [personal profile] gracerene

Date: 2019-01-10 07:07 am (UTC)
lilyseyes: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lilyseyes
Still, an impressive total! ♥

Date: 2019-01-10 11:04 am (UTC)
themightyflynn: (Default)
From: [personal profile] themightyflynn
Wow, that is still a bloody impressive number! And a daily prompt thing sounds like a good idea, even if you don't use all the prompts. Having something to look over for inspiration would probably be helpful. :)


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