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Title: Courting Harry Potter
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings/Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Ron Weasley /Draco Malfoy implied
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~6820
Content/Warning(s): Romance, Humor, No warnings.
Challenge: Written for the 2017 [community profile] snape_potter Snarry a Thon. Prompt # 82: Severus learns an awful lot about Harry Potter when Al (or Lily) gets a job in Snape's apothecary. The question is what he should do with the knowledge.
Summary: When he hires Potter’s youngest child to work for him, Severus doesn’t realize how much it will work for him.
A/N: Thanks to my beta readers, [personal profile] sevfan, [personal profile] emynn and Badgerlady, to the incredibly patient mods, and to Severus and Harry for being themselves. :)

Courting Harry Potter )
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Happy June, everyone!
And Happy Snarry a Thon Reveals day. *g*

The fabulously talented [community profile] snape_potter mods have now put up their Snarry a Thon Fest Masterlist, which means I can now claim my story.

I wrote the rather understated Courting Harry Potter in which Severus, as it says on the tin, courts Harry. Yes obvious title is obvious. :P
Alas, I was so buried under projects (I'm looking at YOU, [community profile] hp_may_madness) that I haven't read very many, but I have several picked out for this weekend. *g*

I'll be reposting my fic here in my journal soon, but if you can't wait for that, it's here at AO3, as well as listed in all three SP community journals on the ML.

This fest remains one of my very favorites, so kudos to the mods for all they do, and to my beyond fabulous beta readers for putting up with me. <3

Long live Snarry!
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Title: Master of Death
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings/threesome: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~12,250
Content/Warning(s): None
Challenge: Written for the 2016 Snarry a Thon.
Prompt: #125 As Master of Death, Harry has to lead Severus, who is somehow stuck in limbo, either back to life or to the next great adventure beyond. Unfortunately, Harry has no idea what the criteria is for either.
Summary: The war’s over, so that means Harry’s life should be normal, right? Unfortunately, nothing about Harry’s life is ever normal.
A/N: Thanks to my betas, [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn, to my artistic collaborator, [ profile] mywitch, and to the ever patient mods, who keep the Snarry fires burning. ♥

See MyWitch’s fabulous art HERE!

Master of Death )
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Title: Snapes and Sales and Potion Garden Tales
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings/threesome: Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Ginny, Draco/Pansy.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~17000
Content/Warning(s): Harry/OMC offscreen, Mild angst, UST, Institutionalized homophobia.
Challenge: Written for the 2016 Snarry a Thon.
Prompt/Summary: #19 Harry Potter is outed by a vicious ex-lover. Feeling alone and abandoned, Harry is surprised by the shelter and support he gets from Severus Snape.
A/N: Thanks to [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn for beta reading, to my artistic collaborator, [personal profile] shadowycat for her fabulous skills, and to the mods for again throwing this fun fic fest. Happy Thon, everyone!

Go and see [personal profile] shadowycat's art that she created for the story here!

Snapes and Sales and Potion Garden Tales )
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Now that May Madness is over, I can talk about other things, namely the recently completed Snarry a Thon, for which I wrote a couple of stories. I kinda felt like I had to go all out for this fest because a) my OTP! and b) I missed it entirely last year because of RL stuff (boo).

Anyway, you should check out the masterlist, which is chock full of delicious Snarry goodness.

Oh, and I should say, I somehow managed to entice two fabulous artists into creating art for me for each of my fest pieces, too! Not sure how I managed that, but I hope I can repeat that in future, that was fun!

First came Snapes and Sales and Potion Garden Tales (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) for which the always fabulous [ profile] shadowycat created some delicious art.

Then came Master of Death (LJ/IJ/DW/AO3) for which I importuned the lovely [ profile] mywitch to create art. And she even did TWO pieces. *g*

I shall be reposting the fics here in my journal over the next couple of days, and hopefully my artistic collaborators will repost their art so I can link to it. :)

Thanks to all who commented during and after the fest, to my incredibly talented and gracious artistic collaborators, and to the awesome Snarry mods, who keep the Snarry fires burning. ♥
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Title: Baking the Blues Away
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 6500-ish
Content/Warning(s): None, really.
Challenge: Written for the 2014 Snarry a Thon. Prompt used #8: Harry is an insomniac who bakes in the middle of the night to distract him from the reason he can't sleep.
Summary: See prompt. :)
A/N: Thanks to my beta readers, the fabulous [personal profile] emynn and [personal profile] sevfan, to [personal profile] badgerlady for the extra editing, and to the Thon mods for hosting this fest once again. ♥ Nothing you recognize is mine.

Baking the Blues Away )
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I just realized that I forgot to mention that the Snarry a Thon Reveals went up, which means I can now claim my fic, Baking the Blues Away (LJ/IJ/DW).

I shall be reposting in a few minutes, but before I do I need to mention what a fabulous fest this Thon was, and what a great job [personal profile] torino10154 did, especially given the absence of her usual partner in Snarry co-mod, [personal profile] accioslash.

So...Great job, Tory! You rocked it. ♥

Fest Recs!

Apr. 28th, 2014 09:08 pm
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I've been meaning to do this for a while but time always seems to get away from me. And, ngl, I wasn't sure it would really make much of a difference now that the Snitch seems to be defunct, but then I figured, what the hell? People should know they're appreciated, right? Right.

So here you go. What follows are the things I've most enjoyed (so far) from [ profile] hp_beholder, [ profile] dracotops_harry and [community profile] snape_potter's Snarry a Thon.

Roses in December (Minerva McGonagall/Neville Longbottom, R).
This was the first thing posted in Beholder and it was fabulous. Before reading this I was pretty sure no one could persuade me that this pairing was possible. *snorts at self* Shows what I know. This story was brilliantly conceived, every character was recognizable from canon, and Neville...*fans self* Neville is wonderful, brave and courageous, Minerva is fabulously enchanting, and I loved this story.

That Which Improves with Age (Albus Dumbledore/Horace Slughorn, PG-13, art).
Beautifully rendered drawing with some fabulous, sexy details.

Save my Wonders (Draco/Harry, NC-17).
This was a beautifully touching story. Having gained weight after the war, Draco is a bit shy when he encounters Harry again, but Harry is so clearly smitten that it's a bit difficult for Draco to fathom. The author handles this sensitive topic with wonderful delicacy. I rarely think people need to read things, but this is one is important, you know? Just...go read.

Let's Go Outside (Harry/Draco, NC-17 and how!).
Um, this is just hot, okay? Sizzling, make your gut twist hot. If you're in the mood for ridiculously hot H/D, you should go now.

This Unavoidable Thing Between Us (Severus/Harry, NC-17).
This story took an awesome premise, provided a brilliant supporting cast, and had just the right amount of hurt/comfort. The tension was built slowly and carefully, and when I finally found out what happened between Severus and Harry I wanted to march into the story and slap the person responsible. *nods* This is one I'll return to again and again!

Crossing Lines (Severus/Harry, R).
Sexy Auror Harry is investigating something mysterious at Hogwarts. And of course his attraction to Severus Snape is in full effect, especially when Severus needs rescuing. Yummilicious.

And that's it for now.
As always, if you see/read something you enjoy, do leave the creator some love.
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Quick update since I'm at work and feel like crap. :(

- [ profile] hp_getlucky is now closed to prompts, the claiming post will be opening tomorrow. And, in a lovely convergence of RL happenings, all three of us who are modding this round are working tomorrow. *sighs* Still, we're hopeful we can manage the date assignments as they come in. :)

- One of my very favorite rarepair fests, [ profile] hp_beholder, is now open for signups. I've participated the last 4 years and have never failed to be amazed at the variety (and quality) of the offerings. If you're on the fence I urge you to sign up. :)

- Snarry a Thon will soon be closing for prompts. I need to get over there and come up with a couple more prompts before [personal profile] torino10154 kills me and because, well, this fest holds a special place in my heart. :)

- And, speaking of special, [ profile] daily_deviant is planning very special things for their anniversary in March and April so stay tuned.

- And finally, [personal profile] torino10154's Porn Sunday is this Sunday, which again is not the best timing since not only am I working, but I also think I'm getting sick. It feels like I have a cold/the flu something. I've my fingers crossed that consuming lots of Airborne will handle it. I am still going to try to write something, though. Thanks to everyone for the porn suggestions! Let's hope whatever I write makes sense. Or at least is porny enough that people don't care if it doesn't. ;)
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Title: Tying the Knot
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings/threesome: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: Hard R
Word count: ~8200
Content/Warning(s): No warnings
Challenge: Written for the 2012 Snarry-a-Thon fest. Prompt used: #4: Harry & Ginny try to get handfasted for their marriage, but the magical cords won't stay on Harry's wrists... a bit of divination discovers he's already bonded to someone else.
Summary: See prompt. :)
A/N: Thanks to my beta [personal profile] sevfan, and to the fest mods for their patience. The words used in the handfasting depicted in this story come from the traditional handfasting ritual as seen HERE.

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Title: Winning is Everything
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Pairings/threesome: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: PG-13
Word count: +/- 3000
Content/Warning(s): None. Everyone’s of age here.
Challenge: Written as one of my 2012 Snarry-a-Thon submissions. In fact, this one was recovered from my Snarry vault. *g*
Summary: The youngest professors automatically get assigned Hogsmeade duty, but when that’s Severus and Harry, all bets are off.
A/N: I love the Thon! Also, thanks to [personal profile] sevfan for beta-reading, to [personal profile] lilyseyes for her support, and to the Thon mods, who are fabulous mods of fabulousness. *g* And look, they even made us banners! *glee* Clicky the banner to read the fic. :)

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In case you may have missed it, the Snarry-a-Thon posted their reveals today, which means I can now claim my two small contributions to this fabulous fest. :)

I wrote Winning is Everything (you can read it on IJ, LJ or DW) and I also wrote Tying the Knot (IJ, LJ, DW). Reposts will come soon.

As usual, I have thinky fest thoughts, which I shall put under a cut to spare my Flist.
Why do I keep a fic vault? )

As always, the Thon mods, [ profile] accioslash and [ profile] torino10154 worked tirelessly to make this fun for everyone. I just hope they had a good time, too. ;) Thank you, ladies for all your hard work.

I know I promised more recs from this fest, and I still plan to do them, it may just take me some time since life's a bit crazy at the mo.

Congratulations to all the participants, and to the boys, who I think made out very well in this fest. :) Long live Snarry!
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Now that the Snarry a Thon has concluded I have a few thoughts on that fest and fests in general. As always, this is just my opinion, it may not make any sense to anyone else.
Cut for rambling )

And that's it.
Bottom line? Yay, Snarry a Thon mods, yay, Snarry artists and writers, yay, Snarry!
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Whee! Now that the Snarry a Thon Reveals are up I can now admit to the three Snarry fics I wrote for the fest and I can officially congratulate all the talented contributors. This year's fest was fab!

I wrote (in alphabetical order):
Picture Perfect Gryffindor (HERE on LJ, HERE on DW)
Potter, P.I. (HERE on LJ, HERE on DW)
Whole Again (HERE on LJ, HERE on DW)

FYI, I also did recs (I'll try to make my way through and add the names of the creators, but that may take a while), which you can see in posts HERE, HERE, HERE, and one HERE.

In addition, all who guessed (correctly or not) which fic(s) I wrote in my guessing post will be receiving gift fic. I'll be asking for prompts soon. ;)
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It's that time again. Now that the Snarry a Thon has completed its posting, I am offering to write a Snarry drabble/ficlet (depending on how inspired I get) for anyone who can guess which fic/fics I wrote for this year's Thon.

To make it a bit easier, I'll even provide links to the weekly wrap ups.
Week One
Week Two
Week Three

As always, those who are not eligible include my betae, the mods, and those who helped me brainstorm/plot.

BTW, if you've participated in these drabble offers before, you know I'll likely write you something just for guessing, although if a lot of ppl guess correctly this time I may not be able to guarantee that. Anyway, bottom line, you don't lose anything by hazarding a guess and you may even get a Snarry fic out of it. ;)

Comments are screened, so guess away! The reveals are Monday the 23rd, so let's have a deadline of...Sunday the 22nd at midnight, shall we?

Aaaaand... go!
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Now that the Snarry a Thon has finished posting *sobs* am I the only one left wondering where I'm going to get my daily Snarry fix? *eyes [personal profile] torino10154 and [personal profile] lilyseyes hopefully*
Anyway, I am caught up and so it's time for another recs post.
As always, these are the things that I loved, YMMV.


Presumed Clarity By Anon [ profile] often_astray
NC-17, 7672 words.

A story featuring a smart Harry who is attracted to Severus because of his keen mind (amongst other things)? Oh yes, please! I admit I've written prolly more than my share of clueless!Harry, who I adore, but this Harry, with his artistic soul and inventive charms and intelligence is one I'd love to see more of. And the sex scene is sizzling.

Pushing Buttons, Equal Measure and Balance of Power By Anon [ profile] eeyore9990 (that sneaky devil!)
NC-17, ~2000 words each part.

These really should be read/taken all together since they are clearly connected. Harry launches the first salvo in 'Pushing Buttons' by cheekily trying to tempt Severus into breaking. Severus, being himself and a Slytherin, nurses the grudge and finally returns fire in 'Equal Measure', giving Harry more than he could have imagined. But Harry isn't a Gryffindor for nothing and he repays Severus in very sexy spades. A luscious series.

The Chronos Factor By Anon [ profile] starduchess
R, !2,200 words.

I'm not sure I have words enough to describe this one. This is a truly stellar piece of writing that took a lot of work and courage to attempt and the author succeeded brilliantly. Harry is living his life backwards, Severus is not. And yet this is a gorgeous love story. me and read it.

Aftermath By Anon [ profile] femmequixotic and [ profile] noeon
NC-17, 7362 words.

Yes, for those who are worried, there is infidelity, and while this is not fluffy, it is very gritty and real and oh so hot. Severus and Harry encounter each other at Draco's wedding and find they have a lot in common, not just Draco. And I love the hint of more Snarry to come at the end.

The Bite and the Cure By Anon [ profile] entrenous88
NC-17, 10,900 words.

In a rather interesting twist on the 'healing cock' trope, Harry is dying and only sex with Snape will save him. Snape, of course, makes it memorable and Harry wants more, but Snape's defenses get in the way. All I can say is thank goodness for Gryffindor determination. :)

Catch and Release By Anon [ profile] roosetter
R, 5561 words.

I held my breath through reading this story, it was just that beautiful. This is a look at the Snarry relationship through the eyes of a very mature Ron, who only wants to see his best friend happy. I've read it twice already and am contemplating a third read, it's just that good. It's one of those fics I wish I had written.


The Demon Lord Series: Master of Hollows By Anon [ profile] sealcat

Beautifully detailed fabric and jewelery is only the beginning with this piece. Harry is just so...feral as he sits confidently on his throne, gazing out at his minions. And his pose... Unf. And Severus is his rock, his foundation. Gorgeous!

By Heart By Anon [ profile] stellamoon

This stunningly beautiful art depicts the heated moment before a delicious kiss. *fans self* Fabulous.

Mine By Anon [ profile] vividzephyr

Tender and loving MPreg artwork featuring a glowing Harry and a deliciously possessive Severus. And that look that Harry's giving the viewer makes me shiver. :)

Five Times A Chat-up Line Didn't Work on Harry Potter and One Time It Did By Anon [ profile] accioslash

This 'mystery' artist never fails to make me chuckle. *g* This is a delightfully fun and comic piece.

The Demon Lord Series: Mating By Anon [ profile] sealcat

Another fabulously detailed piece, this time with Severus as the Dark Lord and Harry as his companion. And I can't blame Severus for keeping him naked, this Harry is fiiiine. *drools* Another lush and amazing bit of art for this very prolific artist.

My Side: Part Three of the Protector Series By Anon [ profile] veridari

This is the long awaited conclusion to the Protector Series which left us with a terrible cliffhanger, although, given this lovely conclusion, I guess I can forgive the artist and mods.
Beautiful work. ;)


In His Arms By Anon and Anon *g* [ profile] swtalmnd and [ profile] accioslash
Fic: NC-17, 2209 words
Art: PG

Yes, I am reccing squid porn and I'm not even ashamed. This was delightful, with just the right mix of playfulness and sensuality and the art made me chortle. If want something light-hearted and sexy check this one out.

And that's it!

Sorry for the long (uncut) post, but I figure recs deserve to be shown off. Also, and I can't stress this enough, if you see something you enjoy, please leave the creator some love.
And if you spot something that you think I missed and feel so moved, do make a recs post. I love seeing what others enjoyed.
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Now that the 2011 Snarry a Thon is about to wrap up posting, I think it's time I did some fic recs. I did art recs earlier and I'll have more fic and art to point out (as soon as I catch up), but here's some fic to tide you over in the meantime. ;)
As always, these are the things I found especially enjoyable. YMMV.

Playing With Matches By Anon [ profile] emynn
NC-17, 13,264 words.

Harry is a gifted matchmaker who's good at his job, yet clueless when it comes to his own emotions, especially given that Severus is his client. Hilarity and hot sex ensues. All I can say is thank goodness for Hermione and for Severus' determination. :)

Cupid Stunt By Anon [ profile] shiv5468
PG-13, 7914 words.

Brilliantly biting and clever story with more witty one-liners than you can shake a stick at. Snape's dry inner voice is perfect and the author keeps it just this side of crack. I know of maybe three people who could have written this, and I'm betting it's the person I think it is. And if it's not, then I have someone new to stalk! :)

Instant Family By Anon [ profile] dementordelta and [ profile] cruisedirector
R. 19600 words.

This fluffy romantic fic is just the thing if you need a pick-me-up. It features Severus coming to Harry's rescue (again), a helpless (clearly Slytherin) baby, and a Severus who can't resist the lure of potential happiness (lucky for us). A fabulous, feel good fic.

With Time By Anon [ profile] gin_tonic
R. 10,000 words.

*Please note the subject matter and warnings if you click*
This isn't one I expected to rec but it's stayed with me and I love the author's careful handling of the delicate subjects. I especially love how Severus treats Harry, not with kid gloves but carefully nonetheless. The development of the relationship is slow, as it would have to be given Harry's trauma, and the ending is sufficiently hopeful for my fluffy heart.

Bump and Grind By Anon [ profile] leela_cat
NC-17, 6500 words.

I'll just repeat what I said in my comments to this story. Hot, witty, sexy and delightful. Definitely worth a read! :)

An Accidental Opportunity By Anon [ profile] lilyseyes
NC-17, 16,400 words.

I love de-aged fics and this is a lovely one with several unique aspects including Severus' retention of his memory and how Severus ends in Harry's custody in the first place. I'll warn you, though; you'll want to cuddle Severus before you're done reading. ;)

That's all for now! I shall prolly have one more combination fic/art Thon rec post once I finish catching up. And then there's Beholder and Wankfest to check out.... *sigh* So much luscious fic to read/art to view and so little time. ;)

One last reminder. If you see something you enjoy do leave the creator some love and if you think I missed something you like then write up a recs post! We all need recs in case we missed things.
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I am so far behind in reading that it's ridiculous, but I am closest to caught up on the Snarry_A_Thon, so you get Snarry Art recs today. :)
As always, YMMV, these are things I've especially enjoyed from the fest.

Stand By Me/Part One of the Protectors by Anon [ profile] veridari
PG. This very recognizable artist has managed to outdo herself this time. She's telling a very complex story in images, and I for am excited to see the conclusion. Severus' devotion, Harry's weariness...Just beautiful.

Rose, Wormwood, Gall, Rue By Anon Ysope
G. An unusual rec for me since I'm not typically a fan of non-magic AU, and yet there's something about this melancholy piece, the set of Severus' shoulders, Harry's tight grip on the column and his hopeless, longing stare, that make this irresistible.

Little Matchmakers By Anon [ profile] vividzephyr
PG-13. Total adorable-ness is adorable! Every time I look at this I have to smile.

New World By Anon [ profile] sealcat
PG. Two words. Harry's gloves. GUH. SO SEXY! Not to mention his faithful Severus standing behind his throne. The details of carvings and fabric are definitely this artist's forte. Mm, you just KNOW that they totally shag on that thing.

With Me Always By Anon [ profile] lemondropseven
PG. Complete and utter heartmelting happened when I saw this one. Gorgeous sweetness is implied in their relaxed faces and in the way their wrapped around each other.

Two Revelations By Anon
PG-13. A really clever depiction of Severus in disguise being revealed by Harry, followed by a much more explicit revelation. Very passionate piece.

Tails it Is By Anon [ profile] tripperfunster
R. Sexy pose totally eclipsed by the sour and hilariously resigned look on Severus' face. Very sexy.

Dark Lovers By Anon [ profile] vividzephyr
R. Oh, and speaking of shagging on thrones...GUH! Seriously, this artist does the BEST sex faces. ;) Just fabulous.

Disapproving Godfather By Anon [ profile] littleblackbow
PG. Another beyond adorable piece that makes you wanna say "aww". Severus' shocked face is especially giggle-inducing.

At All Costs/Part Two of the Protectors By Anon [ profile] veridari
PG-13. *points up to comment on part one* More intense angsty action with a cliffhanger ending. *bites nails in anticipation of next part*

Laying Claim By Anon [ profile] someoldcat
NC-17 (and how!). Fabulous and sexy piece depicting Severus being, well, claimed. Mm, the positioning is delicious, everything about this is gorgeous and yummy.

The Dark Lord and His Warrior By Anon [ profile] sealcat
PG. This time it's Severus who's the Dark Lord, with Harry as his faithful warrior. Another beautifully detailed depiction, with superb fabrics and tats and an awesome sword (and that's not even a euphemism *g*).

After the Hunt By Anon [ profile] venturous
PG. Another beautiful non-magic AU (you wouldn't know that they're not my fave, would you? What with the way I keep reccing them :P). Harry's sexy pose, Severus' relaxed stance, their heated looks... Mmm. *licks lips* You just know they've wandered off to snog (or more) in private in the next scene. *g*

And that's where I'm up in the fest. There's more to come, I'm sure.
If you see something you enjoy, do leave the artist some love. After all, encouraging them is the best way to get them to create even more Snarry art for us!


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